Thursday, October 9, 2014

Dexter the Wonder Dog Goes on the Road

Today was the day.  Dexter has been hanging around the pigpen while I continued to make minor adjustments and deciding how I was going to connect his tether.  On a mild, overcast day it was time to get out of the neighborhood and hit the real road.

Sitting on the seat

 Lets try laying down

 Time to try out the bed

 Can't you see I'm trying to nap

 Can we go home now?

 No, I don't have to go!

So, after a 40 mile round trip to nowhere we found our way home.  Dexter didn't jump out of the pigpen and seemed pretty relaxed the whole time.  I chose to not remove the seat because it seemed to be a better choice.  I don't like the double link chain I got for the tether because there was fur that was pulled from Dexter stuck in it, so I will get a different kind.  Other than that I think the day went well, Dexter seems happy, and he didn't seem stressed at all today.

He is currently curled up next to me sleeping. Such a good, tolerant little fella. Next adventure might be out to the lake to play in the water.


  1. You may want to try something lime one of these magnetic releases for the tether. Especially since Dexter has no inclination to jump out.

    In case of the unthinkable crash, your dog may get thrown free rather than being tied to the sidecar. We haven't addressed the dog in the sidecar yet.

  2. Richard; I'm conflicted about Dexter getting thrown clear and being restrained. Plus with only 12 pounds of pull to break the magnets it wouldn't take much to allow him to jump out. He,so far, hasn't been a jumper, but you never know.

    I'm hoping he will be safer in the restraint. I, however, don't want to be restrained if something bad happens. I'm hoping to never cross that bridge.

  3. He looks pretty cozy on his bed. Do the break away tethers not come in different 'strengths'? (For lack of anything better to call the lbs of force it takes to break the connection.)

  4. Oh I love him! Just keep taking him out over and over and he will like it more and more. Murray loved it and still walks over to my trike to ride. I miss the hack for just him and am thinking about a side car for my softail. Doggles will do good for his little eyes too :)

  5. VStar Lady; Not sure about different strengths, but for me, and Dexter, we are going with a restraint system for right now.

    KT; He is a lover for sure. We will ride almost everyday now, increasing the milage slowly until it is second nature. He has Doggles, but doesn't like them at all. I decided one thing at a time and riding is more important than Doggles because he can get out of the wind.

  6. Glad to see/hear you two went for a tootle around.

    He looks so cute sitting in there. I am glad he is enjoying it.

  7. I am just so glad he is happy and traveling! You two are going to have such great road trips!!!


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