Saturday, November 22, 2014

First Ride Thursday, Road Worthy Saturday

The fuel bypass arrived Thursday afternoon and was quickly installed.  Gas tank installed, clutch adjusted, and it was time to ride to get gas.

WOW! is what comes to mind.  Only rode about 12 miles, but the difference is night to day.  I did ride without the outer fairing and windshield, but went on familiar roads with some bends and it was amazing.

Was busy Friday with substituting in 5th grade to help pay for Petunia parts, so didn't get back to finishing up until today, Saturday.  Took her out on an extended, 85 mile, ride with everything buttoned up and WOW is only about half of the description this change made.

First thing I noticed was the softness of the steering.  A needed note is I used my stock forks not the Tri-Glide forks that are 1 3/4 inches longer.  No more of the heaviness and muscle needed to get her turning.  Just a small wiggle of the bars and she was turning into the next lane and back again.  I'm not sure I would call it power steering, but it is definitely relaxed steering.  There is no pressure at all needed on the bars to keep her rolling straight and only one hand needed to turn her left or right when the road turns.

Next thing was the lack of body shift needed to corner.  Before this change I would need to shift my derriere almost off the seat and lean toward the pigpen on right turns.  Today just a body lean was needed and the turn was completed.  Left was just turn the bars and go.  It doesn't seem to take any more effort now than when the pigpen wasn't installed.

A couple of issues I still need to address are the throttle seems to hang open and the oil temperature gauge isn't working.  Hopefully the throttle is just not adjusted enough and will be an easy fix.  The oil temp gauge is buried in the fairing and is a PITA to get to.  Also, after a touch over 12,000 miles the rear tire needs to be replaced.  That will be my next challenge to change it myself in the garage.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Installing Tri-Glide Triple Trees on Petunia Almost Complete

Petunia is almost road worthy again.  Because I had to remove the gas tank I have decided to add a quick disconnect on the bypass hose to make life simpler.  That means waiting for a couple of days for the part to come in because I couldn't find one local.  It doesn't seem worth the effort to install the tank without the disconnect in place, so it is looking like Saturday before I will get to ride her and see how she handles.

With theTri-Glide front end

With the original front end

There are only a few differences between the 09 Tri-Glide tree and the stock 03 tree.  First was to drill the Tri-Glide tree to hold the roll-pin that keeps the wiring mount/stem nut locking plate in place.  It is my understanding that the Tri-Glides don't have anything to hold this nut after torquing.
Yes, there has been a problem with Tri-Glides having loose steering heads and a service bulletin was issued because of this.  There are two ears to lock this nut and when I took Petunia apart only one was engaged.  Now both are doing the intended job.

New, on left, after drilling. Original on right.

Then the brake line wouldn't bolt to the new tree.  It wouldn't clear going up to the master cylinder.  I used an L bracket  to move it enough to clear and will have to make a decision what the next step will be.

The special tool I ordered to remove the bearing races didn't work.  It wouldn't catch the lip on the races no matter what I did. I finally used a big socket and 12" extension with the tool to knock out the top one.  The bottom one was a PITA! I ruined a couple of tools trying to make an adapter, I bought another tool that didn't work, and finally ground down a brake spoon that I made work.

This idea was born after searching for a product called EZ Steer. I found an article by Dave "Ultraboy" Bickford who did the change on an 07 he triked using Harley parts.  Props to him for all the leg work, parts list, and saving me a bunch of money.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Waiting Is The Worst

 So, Petunia sits, torn apart, waiting.  Waiting for a couple of small parts and a specialty tool.

The speciality tool is a bearing race removal tool.  I searched the internet and nothing I found would help me remove the races, so I ordered a Park Bearing Race Removal Tool.  A necessary evil to complete this project the right way.  Straightening up the garage this morning I ran across a new rear bumper that I had forgotten I had bought.  Today seemed like a good day to put it on.  The new one is on the left.

Next I needed to find a permanent location for the toggle switch for the lean adjuster on the pigpen.  There is a blank on the fairing cap that I took apart and found with a little modification would work better than drilling another hole in the fairing.  This picture shows the result.

The final project for today was to rebuild the front brake master cylinder.  Back when I converted to the Brembo calipers I just cleaned it really well, but still worried about not removing all of the Dot 5 fluid.  No pictures, but there was nothing to worry about as the old plunger and seals were in very good condition.  Now I get to sit, wait, and wait, getting antsy to get this project completed and see what the difference is going to feel like out on the road.  Total garage time today was under two hours, but I felt like I got a lot accomplished.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Garage Time Returns With Winter

Well, the temperature in Arizona has finally dropped into the mid eighties.  That equates to around sixty-one degrees in the mornings and it actually feels quite cold to me.  I used my thin winter gloves in my travels this week and my hands still felt cold.

So, because it is now winter in the desert, I have decided to start my winter updates on Petunia.  Went into the garage a few minutes ago and it was pretty nippy for me, so I will wait for another couple of hours and try again.

Best part about doing winter updates now is when I finish them in about a week I will be acclimated to the cold and then can start riding again by Thanksgiving.

Progress update;  I am changing out the stock triple tree for a 2009 Tri-Glide triple tree.  That will change the rake of the front end and it is said to have the effect of adding power steering when driving with 3 wheels. I was following most of the directions, but after removing the front wheel I wanted to see if I could take the forks and fender off as a unit to save some time.

And it worked.

So, how much change am I going to get?  Here is a comparison in the upper tree. Tri-glide is on the left, old is on the right.

Lower tree.  Tri-glide on left again.

You really can't see it, but the new tree has quite a bit of angle to it. 

Of course I have run into a couple of minor obstacles, like a couple of bushings that I was going to reuse, but can't get them out of the old trees.  I will check with my local Dealer and if reasonable will go pick them up, if not the mail order will be here by Thursday.

Updated update; Local Stealer has to order the parts I need (surprise), it takes 7 days to get here (maybe), and cost $3.95 each and I need 2.....order online for $1.49 each and will be here Thursday.  Not sure why I even bother to check anymore.