Saturday, November 8, 2014

Garage Time Returns With Winter

Well, the temperature in Arizona has finally dropped into the mid eighties.  That equates to around sixty-one degrees in the mornings and it actually feels quite cold to me.  I used my thin winter gloves in my travels this week and my hands still felt cold.

So, because it is now winter in the desert, I have decided to start my winter updates on Petunia.  Went into the garage a few minutes ago and it was pretty nippy for me, so I will wait for another couple of hours and try again.

Best part about doing winter updates now is when I finish them in about a week I will be acclimated to the cold and then can start riding again by Thanksgiving.

Progress update;  I am changing out the stock triple tree for a 2009 Tri-Glide triple tree.  That will change the rake of the front end and it is said to have the effect of adding power steering when driving with 3 wheels. I was following most of the directions, but after removing the front wheel I wanted to see if I could take the forks and fender off as a unit to save some time.

And it worked.

So, how much change am I going to get?  Here is a comparison in the upper tree. Tri-glide is on the left, old is on the right.

Lower tree.  Tri-glide on left again.

You really can't see it, but the new tree has quite a bit of angle to it. 

Of course I have run into a couple of minor obstacles, like a couple of bushings that I was going to reuse, but can't get them out of the old trees.  I will check with my local Dealer and if reasonable will go pick them up, if not the mail order will be here by Thursday.

Updated update; Local Stealer has to order the parts I need (surprise), it takes 7 days to get here (maybe), and cost $3.95 each and I need 2.....order online for $1.49 each and will be here Thursday.  Not sure why I even bother to check anymore.


  1. That looks like it may reduce the trail several inches which should really help. Though it may drop the front end down a bit.

  2. Richard; I'm hoping the front end doesn't drop much. I plan on using my current forks that are an inch and three quarters shorter than the tri-glide forks. That is an additional $400 I'm hoping to not have to spend. By adjusting my rear shocks I should be able to compensate for some drop and may need to readjust the sidecar if the TILT won't accommodate it. It is all a trial and error adventure at the moment.

  3. Do you still have your trailer? I have a copy of it on my cork board in my office.

  4. Duane; Sadly, the trailer was sold about 4 years ago.