Monday, November 10, 2014

Waiting Is The Worst

 So, Petunia sits, torn apart, waiting.  Waiting for a couple of small parts and a specialty tool.

The speciality tool is a bearing race removal tool.  I searched the internet and nothing I found would help me remove the races, so I ordered a Park Bearing Race Removal Tool.  A necessary evil to complete this project the right way.  Straightening up the garage this morning I ran across a new rear bumper that I had forgotten I had bought.  Today seemed like a good day to put it on.  The new one is on the left.

Next I needed to find a permanent location for the toggle switch for the lean adjuster on the pigpen.  There is a blank on the fairing cap that I took apart and found with a little modification would work better than drilling another hole in the fairing.  This picture shows the result.

The final project for today was to rebuild the front brake master cylinder.  Back when I converted to the Brembo calipers I just cleaned it really well, but still worried about not removing all of the Dot 5 fluid.  No pictures, but there was nothing to worry about as the old plunger and seals were in very good condition.  Now I get to sit, wait, and wait, getting antsy to get this project completed and see what the difference is going to feel like out on the road.  Total garage time today was under two hours, but I felt like I got a lot accomplished.


  1. im looking forward to hearing about the difference too. is the tool a week away?

  2. Ms M; Sadly the tool is not scheduled to arrive until next Tuesday and doesn't appear to even have been shipped. Oh well, as they say All good things take time.