Saturday, December 20, 2014

Don't Wanna

In a surprise to me three of the needed tools to take the transmission apart arrived of Friday evening.  They didn't get here until 7:15, but here they are.

I went out early this morning and picked up a 1 3/16" socket and impact driver to disassemble the primary drive.  I found that Baker has a rebuild kit for the DD6 with all new bearings, gaskets, and seals to put the transmission back to new.  Taking a chance, I searched the www and located the kit for a 25% discount with free shipping.  I don't have a tracking number for that yet, so don't know when it will get here.   The main drive bearing tool isn't supposed to be here until Tuesday. 

Because of that I just don't want to work on Petunia today.  Might have to go out and see what other kind of trouble I can get into today.  

Monday, December 15, 2014

As Bad As I Thought

Ordered the tools needed to take Petunia apart yesterday and decided to do some exploratory work this morning.  Took the top of the transmission off and just looking the gears look good.  So, I opted to drain the oil.
This is what the plug is supposed to look like.

 This is what it looked like and I had just changed the oil 200 miles ago.

 This is the pile of shavings

So with Christmas upon us I won't hold my breath getting the tools any time soon.  Baker Drivetrain has a factory rebuild program.  Send in your gear-set, they rebuild it, and send it back within a week.  I will be calling them to check into this.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Petunia Being Naughty

Out for a ride yesterday in cool, bright sunshine.  Everything seemingly perfect.  Then there was a new sound I haven't ever heard before.  I slowed and the noise got worse.  Slowed more and it got even worse.  I seriously thought the motor was blowing up.

Pulled into the gas station that I was heading to, shut her down, looked things over, hit the starter and she fired right up, give her some gas and all sounds normal, give her a lot of gas and she screams just like she is supposed to.  So, I fill her with gas and we roll toward the exit and head back to the house, slowly.

1st gear seems normal.  2nd gear normal.  3rd gear normal.  4th gear normal.  5th gear she begins to howl, shifting back to 4th and she quiets back down.  I did the 5th 4th thing a couple of times with the same result.  Almost back to the city limits I pushed through the noise in 5th and hit 6th at 70 mph and she quit screaming at me.  Accelerated and all seems normal, slowed, downshifted to 5th and the howling started again, slowing farther it got louder, down into 4th and it didn't quiet down like before,  3rd and she went back to her normal sound.

At home rechecked the transmission fluid and it was full just like it was last week when I changed the fluids.  So, I'm pretty sure that she blew 5th gear and possibly 4th.  Looking into what it takes to pull the gear-set out  will require some expensive speciality tools.  There is a Baker Dealer about eight miles from me that I will call tomorrow and see if I can bring the naughty girl in for an estimate.  

Thursday, December 11, 2014


Well, last I wrote there was a throttle issue that I thought would be an easy fix and a oil temp gauge that I guessed would be a PITA.

Lo and behold the throttle cable had broken at the adjusting nut and had to be replaced.  My usually reliable mail order Harley dealer met up with the Christmas season and shipping was sssllow.  The part was in Phoenix for four days before I received it, but it finally got here today and wasn't to hard to get installed.  Of course the fairing had to come off again, but that allowed me to uncross the wires on the oil temp gauge and that was a really easy fix with just removing one bracket.

I also took the down time to change a rear tire.  I was worried about having to remove the pigpen to get this job done, but with just a little thought and a trial run I found that wasn't necessary.

I put the jack under Petunia then raised the TILT to its maximum height.

This is what it looked like before removing the exhaust, caliper, and unbolting the wheel.

I then jacked Petunia up until I had enough room to remove the balding tire.

 I was going try and change it myself, but for $25 I decided it wasn't worth the effort.  Took it to the shop and they had the new tire on and me on the way home in 15 minutes.  Only took about 15 minutes to have it put back together and sitting back in its normal position.

Headed out this afternoon for a quick trial run and she runs great.  I'm hoping I am done with the working on it phase and can get to the riding it phase.  Been spending some time with maps pre-planning the summer ride.