Monday, December 15, 2014

As Bad As I Thought

Ordered the tools needed to take Petunia apart yesterday and decided to do some exploratory work this morning.  Took the top of the transmission off and just looking the gears look good.  So, I opted to drain the oil.
This is what the plug is supposed to look like.

 This is what it looked like and I had just changed the oil 200 miles ago.

 This is the pile of shavings

So with Christmas upon us I won't hold my breath getting the tools any time soon.  Baker Drivetrain has a factory rebuild program.  Send in your gear-set, they rebuild it, and send it back within a week.  I will be calling them to check into this.


  1. oh no... :( yay for baker, but sigh...

  2. Sucks, and this is the best time to ride in Phoenix, too. Hope it doesn't take too long to get your gearbox back.

  3. Ms M; Better now than May, I guess.

    Steve; I'm guessing the time of the year will add a couple of weeks to the down time. I have my fingers crossed.

  4. Sounds expensive...

    Hopefully, it won't be more than a bearing.

  5. Richard M; Funny part is I never even thought about it being a bearing until I was drifting off to sleep last night. Fingers crossed and should know by this weekend. Tools are on the way and scheduled to be here Friday.

    1. Out of curiosity I had looked at the Baker web site after reading your post and, not being sure of what you have, picked a random 6 speed. It mentioned that 1st, 2nd and 3rd are straight cut gears, 4th and 5th are helical cut and 6th was straight through. This means that 4th and 5th would cause thrust loads on the intermediate shaft and output shaft bearings. So I would guess one of the intermediate shaft bearings. Backseat speculation here…

  6. ooooh, that does not look good. Fingers crossed the tools don't take too long to arrive.

  7. Yeah, those metal shavings don't augur well....hopefully as RichardM said, it was just a bearing.

    The first picture of debris on the magnetic plug, I was going to say, that's normal for URALs.....

  8. Trobairitz; Doesn't look good at all and sounded worse. UPS says tool delivery on Friday.

    Charlie6; It would be nice if it were only a bearing. I turned the gears with the top of the transmission off and the gears that I could see looked good.

  9. Richard M; I have the DD6 model. Went back and looked at it again and if it is the intermediate shaft bearings they aren't very expensive, $26 for a set of 4, money wise. Since all I have is time and a willingness to learn new things that doesn't cost anything either.

    Thanks for your push to take a closer look.