Thursday, December 11, 2014


Well, last I wrote there was a throttle issue that I thought would be an easy fix and a oil temp gauge that I guessed would be a PITA.

Lo and behold the throttle cable had broken at the adjusting nut and had to be replaced.  My usually reliable mail order Harley dealer met up with the Christmas season and shipping was sssllow.  The part was in Phoenix for four days before I received it, but it finally got here today and wasn't to hard to get installed.  Of course the fairing had to come off again, but that allowed me to uncross the wires on the oil temp gauge and that was a really easy fix with just removing one bracket.

I also took the down time to change a rear tire.  I was worried about having to remove the pigpen to get this job done, but with just a little thought and a trial run I found that wasn't necessary.

I put the jack under Petunia then raised the TILT to its maximum height.

This is what it looked like before removing the exhaust, caliper, and unbolting the wheel.

I then jacked Petunia up until I had enough room to remove the balding tire.

 I was going try and change it myself, but for $25 I decided it wasn't worth the effort.  Took it to the shop and they had the new tire on and me on the way home in 15 minutes.  Only took about 15 minutes to have it put back together and sitting back in its normal position.

Headed out this afternoon for a quick trial run and she runs great.  I'm hoping I am done with the working on it phase and can get to the riding it phase.  Been spending some time with maps pre-planning the summer ride.   


  1. I thought that maybe you were on a long winter trip! I didn't realize that you were still waiting for parts. What is the track of the rig? About 55"? It looks about as wide as my Beemer rig which is also feels really planted in the corners. The Ural is around 48" and a lot more "tippy".

  2. yay! you must be itching to ride and break in the new setup, too! :)

  3. I'm sure you're itching for a ride - just try not to wear out the new tire before the summer. I'm looking forward to hearing about your plans ... us northerners might have to plan a meet and greet if you're heading this way: a 2015 northeastern moto-bloggers convention.

  4. Wow, that's been like a Pandora's Box, huh?? Glad it's done!

  5. Richard M; The track is 57" and except for right turns isn't tippy at all. Might begin to get out on it toward the end of January if all goes well.

    Ms M; I am just about ready to start the next great adventure of life!

    VStar Lady; I am hoping to get to Minnesota and Wisconsin this summer sometime around June.

    Sash; Once the lid has been lifted you never find how to put all the pieces back in their original location and replacing the lid is almost impossible. What is this Done you speak of?

  6. I've found, like you, that one tire replacement is usually not worth the time required. Now, all three at same time, different story.

    Wish there was a car tire that URALs could use for the pusher. Oh well. Rig sounds like it's ready for some riding!

  7. Charlie6; I have searched for a car tire for Petunia, but no luck for a pre 2009 Electra Glide using a car tire. I bought an E-Bay cheapie to see what the hack will do to tire milage as I've read about getting olnly 4500 - 5000 miles on a tire. The Michelin Commander II I just took off got just under 12,000 with 1,500 of that with the pigpen.

  8. Nice job changing that tire without removing the pigpen.

  9. Trobairitz; It is amazing what a lazy person (me) can accomplish.

  10. Catching up here. Really liking the Hack reports, always wondered how that would be. The pup looks like "it's time to quit typing and take me riding already." I think it is fantastic, and the Hack looks pretty awesome.