Sunday, December 14, 2014

Petunia Being Naughty

Out for a ride yesterday in cool, bright sunshine.  Everything seemingly perfect.  Then there was a new sound I haven't ever heard before.  I slowed and the noise got worse.  Slowed more and it got even worse.  I seriously thought the motor was blowing up.

Pulled into the gas station that I was heading to, shut her down, looked things over, hit the starter and she fired right up, give her some gas and all sounds normal, give her a lot of gas and she screams just like she is supposed to.  So, I fill her with gas and we roll toward the exit and head back to the house, slowly.

1st gear seems normal.  2nd gear normal.  3rd gear normal.  4th gear normal.  5th gear she begins to howl, shifting back to 4th and she quiets back down.  I did the 5th 4th thing a couple of times with the same result.  Almost back to the city limits I pushed through the noise in 5th and hit 6th at 70 mph and she quit screaming at me.  Accelerated and all seems normal, slowed, downshifted to 5th and the howling started again, slowing farther it got louder, down into 4th and it didn't quiet down like before,  3rd and she went back to her normal sound.

At home rechecked the transmission fluid and it was full just like it was last week when I changed the fluids.  So, I'm pretty sure that she blew 5th gear and possibly 4th.  Looking into what it takes to pull the gear-set out  will require some expensive speciality tools.  There is a Baker Dealer about eight miles from me that I will call tomorrow and see if I can bring the naughty girl in for an estimate.  


  1. Sorry about the troubles...hopefully its something simple.

  2. Charlie6; Thanks, when the sun gets up I am going to pull the trans cover off to see I can tell anything more about it.

  3. Doh! Naughty Petunia. Hopefully it isn't too much trouble or expense to fix.

  4. Just your description sounds expensive. Good luck.

  5. Screw the estimate! Ask Baker for a PDF of the parts and repair manuals. No guts no glory.

  6. Canajun; Thanks for the luck. I read somewhere that the river is so wide and I am so far across I can't turn back. Pretty much sums it up for me.

    WillyD; I already got the PDF, most of the important details are in the shop manual, and the tools are ordered. I'm guessing the shop rate is near $85 an hour and Bakers videos says 8 hours to teardown, replace gear-set, and put back together. I ordered the tools I absolutely have to have off of e-bay for less than $200. Scared only lasts until she starts up again.