Monday, January 5, 2015

Finally Making Progress

Well, I finally got back to work on Petunia.  Of course it couldn't be easy.  Partly because of waiting for parts or tools, partly because I'm hardheaded and chose to do this job without removing the pigpen, and partly because the shop that put in the Baker DD6 back in 2009 used copious amounts of red loktite.  The main shaft lock nut wouldn't come loose to save my life.  This is a nut with a 60 foot pound torque value!  Breaker bar with a three foot extension, heat, then I rented a 3/4 drive impact and after hammering on it for near four minutes it finally came apart.

This is the troublesome nut.

This beast was the ticket to getting it off.

My 30 year old torch reached its last leg as I was trying to heat the nut.  Luckily I made the right decision on which way to throw it when it blew.

This is the gear set resting on the bench waiting disassembly.

Baker has an additional internal magnet to trap shavings.  5th gear is next to the trap door and if you look closely you can see the damage to the teeth.  It is buggered up pretty good. The bearing under the main shaft gear was the culprit.

Spoke to Baker this morning because the counter shaft doesn't come apart without a special press.  I'm going to box it all up and send it to them to have it rebuilt.  They list several shops in the area as Dealers, but the three I called are installers, not rebuilders.  The saga continues.


  1. wow, that's quite the damage! btw, you've delved deeper into the transmission than I would! Good luck on the repairs.

  2. Charlie6; I have questioned my wisdom/or lack there of several times so far. But, I have nothing but time and it is a great learning opportunity.

  3. Quite a bit of damage from the failed bearing. What happened to the torch?

  4. Richard; I am surprised how much damage there is on the gears from small needles. There were a lot of the needles intact that came out when I pulled it apart. Luckily it appears to be limited to 5th gear. The torch just engulfed in flames at the control knob. I haven't used it much in the last couple of years and will guess the seal just dried out to the point of leakage.

  5. holy moly azhd! :/ hoping for an easy peasy (or easier, at least) completion!

  6. Ms M; As long as there is no more grinding when it is done I will be happy.

  7. Wow. That main shaft nut must have had you pretty steamed by the time you got it off. (After checking and re-checking to make sure it wasn't a left-hand thread.)
    All in all not an experience I ever hope to have.

  8. Canajun; Oh, but it is a left-hand thread. I was beginning to think otherwise, but it was just way over tightened.

  9. Ah, red Loctite, the bane of my existence.

    I understand that it has its proper place on certain things. But when the entire freaking bike has been glued together with it, including the bar endcaps and the front sprocket nut? That's when you start having daydreams involving bike assemblers, hot sauce and a Dremel tool.

    (Um...that's not considered premeditation, is it...?)