Friday, January 30, 2015

Petunia.....Almost There

Spent Wednesday in the garage putting Petunia together.  Went to the manual for the torque specs for the comp sprocket and ran across the warning about silicone sealant needed on the primary housing.  How did I miss this in the hundred times I read and reread how to take apart and reinstall this transmission?

Spent Thursday taking Petunia apart, applying the silicone to the appropriate bolt holes, and putting her back together, again.  Thinking I was about done, I tried to put her into gear to torque the comp sprocket and she wouldn't shift into gear!  Looking for an answer I realized I didn't double check the shifter pawl adjustment and it was slightly off.  So, I had to take the primary housing off again to adjust it.  Frustrating as Hell to be in such a hurry and spinning in circles.  Putting it all back together a third time and it shifted as intended, so put the primary cover on and got ready to fill it with oil.  That is when I couldn't find the drain plug.  Searched high and low until I gave up and went to the Stealership, fighting Super Bowl induced traffic, and paid $7.56 for a new one that lists for $5.45 in a Harley Parts Catalog.  Got home, installed the new plug, filled with oil, started putting tools away and THERE is the missing plug sitting in the middle of the work bench!

Moved to the right side to button it up and the step that I thought was going to be the hard part...replacing the head pipe and heat shield.  But, first I decided to take the time to bleed the brakes because the head pipe limits access to the master cylinder.  When I got to the head pipe it went a lot quicker and easier than I could have imagined.  At this point with only needing to install the floor boards and adjusting the clutch I was done for the day.  I was worn out, it was getting darker, and I was having difficulty seeing in less than bright lighting conditions.  I opted to put away all the tools I didn't need anymore and started Petunia just to warm her up.  She started on the first crank and sounded great!  This almost gave me the energy to finish her up, but I really had had enough for one day.

As I'm sitting here it is raining.  Supposed to rain all day today and some of tomorrow.  Of course it is raining this is Phoenix Open week.  I'm heading out to Denny's for breakfast then into the garage to put on the floor boards and adjust the clutch.  When that is done I'll be taking out the rain gear and going for a ride.  I've earned a ride, rain or not!


  1. Dang those Garage Fairies!!

    I feel ya, my friend. Those little buggers hang out in my garage too. The instant I put a tool or a part down, they run off with it, only to bring it back right after I've given up looking for it.

    This is why I now own four 3/8" ratchets and approximately ninety-seven thousand Phillips screwdrivers...

  2. All your comments ring true with my own wrenching experiences....haste causing repetition of tasks due to missed items....looking for stupid fasteners that disappear when dropped or laid down....

    Looking forward to your ride report, rain or no rain.

  3. Wraith; Garage Fairies indeed, Little Bastards!

    Charlie6; On the bright side, no left over parts.

  4. no leftover parts...always a good thing.