Saturday, January 24, 2015

Thoughts Thunk

Cool winter days spent in waiting mode can cause odd thoughts to creep back into one’s mind.  

I want to be a motorcycle gypsy.  I want to ride around visiting various locations and immerse myself in places off the beaten path, down dirt roads, off into the wilderness, living somewhat like the folks that originally explored this great nation without benefit of a covered wagon to carry the supplies.  But, I am a product of the 20th century and am married to the creature comforts that I grew up with.

Therein lies my dilemma.  Off the beaten path, especially on a motorcycle, would be challenging.  I’m pretty sure I could find rivers, streams, or lakes to clean up in and probably wash cloths.  Learning to become a hunter/gatherer for food, with modern hunting laws, would be problematic, so securing a food source could be an issue.  

Maintenance on the bike would be essential to live in this lifestyle.  It wouldn’t be good enough to just dump used oil onto the ground, refill, and ride on.  Without a garage full of tools and jacks working on the bike myself would offer problems that would make this life style unattainable.

But, in my, somewhat, rational mind the biggest hurdle would be doing this while not being connected to the real world.  I’m pretty sure I could go without TV, but a phone and computer are another story.  Computers today play such a vital roll in my very existence.  I use the web on a daily basis just to do everyday business and  staying in contact with family and friends.  Being out in the wilderness without a method to contact the outside world would be a problem in case of a breakdown or some type of injury.  

To stay connected would require an energy source.  With that in mind I have been looking into solar panels and deep cycle, marine batteries.  A panel, a battery, some wiring, an inverter, and an electrical outlet would allow for charging a computer, phone, and possibly a light for after the sun goes down.  

A solar panel on the pig pen, an interesting idea that will require more investigation.


  1. I've found solar panels that attach to the front of your fairing that will charge a battery to store electricity. I think they are a little expensive, but they do exist. You can attach them while you ride and then run your electronics off of the battery when you are stopped.

    I'm not sure you have to go to such extremes though. Why not stay in hotels, motels, etc., as we do, rather than pay for a home you won't be in while you're on the road? There are a great variety of rentals from which to choose.

    Motorcycle maintenance can be done at "shared shops" that are popping up around the country. I know of one in San Diego and another in San Francisco. I'll bet Scooter Tramp Scotty knows of many more.

    It's all possible to achieve. Make a list of ever obstacle and research each option for yourself. If you hit a wall, ask a few other gypsies how they solve that problem.

    Sash - The Rude Biker Chick
    See Sash Videos!

  2. If you move from idle dream to really, really needing to do it the solutions will become apparent (iPad,smart phone, community recycling centers, supermarkets for a start).
    Travel light which I think will pose a particular problem for a worrier, and don't burn bridges.
    I have been a gypsy and a return to a settled life will become more attractive than you can imagine!
    Good luck.

  3. Sash; I have been following Scotty for almost 4 years now. He is where I came up with this idea. He has a very wide network of friends/helpers that took years to develop.

    Hotels/motels aren't on the backroad, dirt roads I want to travel. That is another problem for Petunia. She can't go to the Dark Side because they don't make a tire that will fit her year. I've looked. Plus I am still wondering how many miles I will get on a rear tire with the pig pen.

    Who knows how this will all play out?

  4. Conchscooter; All electronic devises need to be charged. A battery on occasion needs to be jumped, a tire pumped up and I want to ride on the backroad, dirt forest roads. Camping out in the wilderness, 99% off the grid.

    What I want to do and what I am capable of doing may be two different stories. Thanks for the input!

  5. Dude, you don't have to take it to the extreme (anyway I couldn't do without some e-gadgets and a daily shower anyway), but I want to be a moto-gypsy, too. I bet, many riders want to... only few dare to actually do it. Be that man, eh!?!

  6. Sonjam; There are some Legend Motorcycle Gypsies running around out there. If you haven't heard of any, you should look up Scooter Tramp Scottie. He has many articles and videos posted showing his 20+ years on the road, 500,000 miles, on his bike Betsy.

  7. Reality is, there is a plug just about anywhere you go. The days I ride a full day, I never worry about it. I am on the web too for just safety reasons when I ride because I ride solo most of my travels. For those days you find you can't find a plug and need one, just put the adapter on the battery tender and plug in and you are a go. I use mine and it really has never used battery usage to a point of not coming back. For myself, I enjoy the ride and love coming back home. Tom, Joe and Kevin are some serious wanderers, and they do camp most of the year and they seem to love it. I think only few can withstand weather, camping (not hotels/motels), and money issues. Too me it is tougher than we all envision, but nice to visit for awhile. Solar: they are now making solar backpacks which work really good. This is just one link to check out some other products:

  8. KaTy Did; Thanks for the link. With just a little digging there are better, more user friendly options than I had found before. My intent is to have an option separate of using the bike's power.

  9. AHD - Nothing to say you can't have the best of both worlds.