Saturday, February 28, 2015

Completed Project?

My two week project is 98% completed in just one day over the schedule.  Because my daughter, Jeane, has Multiple Sclerosis mobility has become an issue.  Getting into and out of the tub was becoming a real safty issue for her.  So, I removed her tub and and put in a barrier free shower.

Had to break the floor to move the drain.

 Drain set and floor repaired.

 Walls installed, curb set, and shower pan poured.

 Walls waterproofed and tile going on.

Tile being grouted.

Glass block going up.

Repainting the walls on Monday, clearing out Jeane's garage, returning unused parts, and installing grab bars are all that is left.  She is moving back home today and gets to use her new shower tomorrow.  Oh, and now she says the shower looks so nice that the vanity needs updated too!  

Sounds like I have another project in the pipeline.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

New Project

Well, about 750 miles on Petunia since the transmission rebuild and all still seems well.  I have mostly been riding her daily around town, but have had her up to highway speed on several occasions.  I think I am still just a touch gun shy of trusting her yet.

Dexter has become a problem, as he isn't cooperating with riding.  Not sure how this is going to work out, but fighting him to get in the pigpen and having him miserable isn't working for either of us.  Treats don't even work anymore.

Now I am into a new project for my daughter.  I allowed myself a two week window, but after two days I'm already a day behind my own timeline.  Funny how as I get older things always take longer than I remember in the years gone past.

This is where I started, getting final approval before she leaves for school.

 This is two hours after the fun has begun.