Saturday, February 28, 2015

Completed Project?

My two week project is 98% completed in just one day over the schedule.  Because my daughter, Jeane, has Multiple Sclerosis mobility has become an issue.  Getting into and out of the tub was becoming a real safty issue for her.  So, I removed her tub and and put in a barrier free shower.

Had to break the floor to move the drain.

 Drain set and floor repaired.

 Walls installed, curb set, and shower pan poured.

 Walls waterproofed and tile going on.

Tile being grouted.

Glass block going up.

Repainting the walls on Monday, clearing out Jeane's garage, returning unused parts, and installing grab bars are all that is left.  She is moving back home today and gets to use her new shower tomorrow.  Oh, and now she says the shower looks so nice that the vanity needs updated too!  

Sounds like I have another project in the pipeline.


  1. That looks phenomenal! Barrier free showers are challenging to retrofit due to having to redo the drain. I like the tiles and glass block.

  2. Richard M; Thanks! Best part is it went according to plan right to the end. The grab bars at the end are the exception, but I will have the parts to make them fit in a few days.

  3. Wow, fabulous job. I think you found a new profession.

    Something tells me she is very happy to have the project done and looking so well.

  4. Trobairitz: Thank you, but while it was fun helping my daughter, retirement is the best profession for me.

    Canajun; Thank you.

  5. Looks great, no wonder she wants more done. One project always leads to another ...