Friday, March 6, 2015


First Petunia and the pigpen.  I am learning that 1 gear lower than I want to run is the best option.  Keeping the RPMs near 2500 - 2650 allows for an average 37 MPG and if I upshift a gear she runs @2000 RPM, but the MPG drops to around 23.  I'm sure that has to do with the fuel map I have loaded into the ThunderMax.  I can't change that right now because ThunderMax isn't supported on a Mac computer.  I may dig out my old computer and have the charging outlet repaired to be able to use it to reprogram the ECM.

Petunia is otherwise running great.  I am getting more and more comfortable riding with the hack and right handers are becoming second nature.  I have found that by dragging the rear brake a touch I can shoot her around corners without the 3rd wheel coming to high off the ground.  It is a pretty cool feeling when accelerating out of the turn.

Finishing touches on the shower install are just about completed.  Had an issue with water running out of the entryway.  The shower head wouldn't adjust to spray in front of the drain, so I had to get a 15" shower arm with a 90 degree bend and that puts the spray completely in front of the drain.

 When a girl is under 39 having to use grab bars doesn't seem right, so I choose to install  her a  ballerina bar.

 A handle to help get over the 2 1/2"  threshold.

Luckily I am just about finished with this working crap because old age is setting in.  I tweaked my knee last week and this week I have a pain in my hip whenever I take a first step or two after sitting, kneeling down or dismounting Petunia.  Thankfully they don't treat old guys like horses that are breaking down. 


  1. Glad you're getting the hang of the hack and almost done working. You've had a great deal on your plate lately!
    I'm hoping we'll see you in Phoenix when we come. We'll be in touch and make a plan, for breakfast at the very minimum!!
    Hugs and smooches!
    Sash - The Rude Biker Chick
    See Sash Videos!

  2. The Ural runs at over 4k at 55mph but the engine is smaller and square, i.e. equal bore and stroke so not really designed to produce torque at low rpm. Where is the torque peak for your engine? Can you tune it for more torque at lower rpm?

  3. Sash; Hope to meet up with you guys while you are here.

    Richard M; Not sure where the peak torque is, but I have plenty of low end torque and she pulls really well all the way past 70. I changed the primary sprocket and chain to get the low end pulling power. Cruising at 70 is 3200 RPM.

  4. Glad the sidecar and rig and running great for you now.

    Nice job on the bathroom reno too. Great idea with the ballerina bar.

  5. Glad to hear you are getting used to riding with the sidecar. Not sure I could, but for us old folk, having extra wheels might extend the riding career. Perhaps I should learn.

  6. VStar Lady; 3 wheels isn't just for the aged. Opens up a new avenue of adventure riding and fun. Don't sell yourself short, anyone can learn to handle a hack.