Monday, August 17, 2015

Where To Begin

I have recently found myself in a very dark place.  Many factors that I will spare you the gruesome details. With the exception of going to the doctor and finding I'm pre-diabetic. Probably my great Southern heritage and love of anything fried and/or sweet.  I am related to my Me Maw.

An admission, that I am more than embarrassed by, I was arrested for DUI/DWI. Yes, I know better.  No, it wasn't intentional.  It just happened and there are no excuses, ever, for driving drunk.  But those are the facts that I pled guilty to.  I have always owned my mistakes.

In retrospect, for me, it was a blessing.  In my dark state I had been making some bad choices that were out of character for me.  Regardless, I have to own up to my failings.  This is partly how I found out about the pre-diabetes.   So, I am suffering the debt that Arizona demands and the worst part is not being able to ride Petunia for a year.  In Arizona a DUI conviction requires an ignition interlock for a year and Arizona just passed a law to allow them on motorcycles again, but they aren't yet available.

So, I have been spending my time evaluating, heavily, what and why I am in this dark place.  Again lets spare you the gruesome details, but internal, self reflection is an awful place to go when a person is honest.

I am making an honest effort to learn and grow from this terrible event.  I can guarantee that there will never be a reoccurrence.  On a brighter note, as I close, I have lost 35 pounds as I make lifestyle changes to combat the pre-diabetes.