Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Going Camping Part 1

After substituting for 4 days in one week I needed a break.  Decided to load the truck and head for the hills that I had been pondering for a couple of weeks.  Had been checking the weather regularly and all looked well, until the truck was loaded.  Sunday, flash flood warnings were issued in the area I was headed and Monday called for a 60% chance of thunderstorms, but that meant 40% chance it would be clear.  Odds were good enough for me, so I loaded Dexter and off we went at 7:00 AM, Monday morning.

Stopping at the rest area at Sunset Point to relieve Dexter and grab a water I noticed I left the eggs and cold food at home.  Weighing options I continued on to Verde Valley and then made a swing by Walmart in Cottonwood.  That would be a 28 mile side trip, but going back home would be about 80 miles.  I took Dexter into Walmart, in a basket, and he was the hit of the parade.  Something about the cute little fellow that the older ladies couldn't resist.  About 15 miles out of Walmart I realized I forgot the eggs, AGAIN! This wasn't boding well for a successful trip.  Found a grocery store in Verde Valley that I could have used instead of the trip to Cottonwood, but it was supposed to be an adventure.

Dexter's first trip to the forrest at Clint's Well Campground.

First step was to put up the tent.  Next put down the sleeping pad and sleeping bag, get the pillow....find the pillow....forgot the damn pillow! Non-issue, roll up a pair of jeans, cover with a towel, problem solved.  I see a pattern developing here.  

Dexter didn't see any problem, he found himself a nice place to lounge.  Right by my makeshift pillow.

Camp set up ready to relax and the sun is shinning.  Why was I worried?

This was two hours later.  About 1:00 PM.

So, the camping adventure begins.  It was very nice for two hours and then the rain started.  At about 12:15 AM Dexter was yelping and trying to crawl under me.  The thunder was a rolling, booming, set of explosions bordering on scary close and the lightening was lighting up the night.  It was quite the experience and sometime after an hour or so I fell asleep.  I woke up about 4:30 AM and it was still raining, so I went back to sleep.  


  1. Provided the lightening bolts are striking nowhere close, and I have nowhere to be at no specific time ... I love camping in the rain (aka, going back to sleep with the sound of rain on the tent). At least you didn't forget your camera.

  2. What an adventure so far. Poor Dexter, that thunder must have been so loud. Hope it stopped raining by day 2.

  3. That looks like a really nice campground. No RVs, plenty of trees. Only a little rain. (Keeps out the riff-raff.

  4. VStar Lady; The lightening seemed close, but what you gonna do when you're already tucked in?

    Trobairitz; Dexter is pretty finicky when it comes to loud, windy ,wet, and different.

    Richard M; The campground was nice and well maintained. The host had an RV at the entrance, but other than a car who stopped in Monday night it was just the host and me. He said they had not been full all summer, even on holiday weekends.