Friday, September 4, 2015

Going Camping Part 2, Ends Early

The rain finally stopped and I got up to make coffee.  Set up the burner, filled the pot with water, and reached for the coffee.  It wasn't there!  I looked everywhere twice to be certain and sure enough I FORGOT it at home!  That was another 50 mile trip down/up the hill, after breakfast, to find a store to get some because the plan was to be up here for six days.  Six days without coffee just won't work.

The grill on the end of the table was useless to cook anything without the cover on it to keep the heat in.  The single burner camp stove was a lot more useful.

 I had been seeing the commercial for Spam, glorious Spam on TV and thought I would give it a try.  It had been years and I found it to be just awful and uneatable.  It was so bad even Dexter wouldn't eat it.

We secured the coffee, came to camp and made a pot, filled my cup, and headed to checkout the Blue Ridge Reservoir.  In all my travels up here I had never seen it.  After 10 miles down a rutted road I found it tucked among the trees, down in a valley.

 At the end of the road was a boat launch ramp and up the hill only a couple of parking spots. As there were some guys launching their boat that would need to park, we just looked for a few minutes and headed back out.  In order to fish here you would have to have a boat.

We headed back to camp for another pot of coffee and I took the opportunity to start reading a book I have had for a while, titled The Harley-Davidson Reader, a collection of stories about the founding of the Moco.  Interesting people and stories so far.  An interesting fact I learned was the early, original claim by one of the Davidson brothers that Harley was proud of being such a quiet motorcycle.

It started clouding up and in the distance you could hear the low rumble of thunder.  Dexter thought this would be the perfect time to become a lap dog.

This is when I noticed Dexter breathing funny.

Started a fire just in case the storm came back tonight.

Lasted until about 9:00 and then turned in.  More lightening, thunder, and rain during the night.   Dexter had a restless night and started whimpering.  He crawled up and stuck his snout in my face and his breathing was raspy and he started to cough.  When the sun was coming up he was dragging and barely moving.  After making a pot of coffee I made the decision to pack up and head home to take him to the vet.  Getting home the vet couldn't see him until Thursday morning.  Took him in and found he has a respiratory infection.  He will be taking meds for 12 days, but should be fine. 

The great, forgetful, camping trip was cut short by a sick pup, but it was fun while it lasted.  I'm not sure that Dexter really liked camping.  It is a good thing I am bigger and get to make the rules.


  1. Sounds like this trip wasn't meant to be ... that must mean the next one is. Substituting? Does that mean school has already begun in your neck of the woods? We still have 3 days left.

  2. Sounds like a stressful camping trip. Running back for forgotten items may be fine if you're on a bike. Otherwise it's a hassle.

  3. VStar Lady; I agree, the trip didn't seem to work from the beginning. I substitute for 25 days a year for my health insurance and school has been in session, here, for 5 weeks. They get their fall break in only 4 more weeks. Almost seems scary doesn't it?

  4. Richard M; Everything about it seemed off from the time I drove off. At least Dexter seems to be feeling better today. Hopefully he can go with me on the walk in the morning.

  5. I love spam! Especially fried like you tried it.

  6. Charlie6; I remember eating it as a kid, but there was something in the texture, mushy, that I just couldn't get through. Dexter may not have eaten it because of feeling bad, now that I look back on it.

  7. I usually brown it a bit more when frying. Also, cutting it up and frying before adding scrambled eggs is good. More surface area for the Spam to brown...

  8. Hi, I'm Richard's wife, and a music teacher. Our subs don't get any insurance. Their pay is bad, too. It could be why we have a big shortage for subs. Plus a big shortage of bus drivers in Fairbanks, Alaska. Your dog is very cute. What kind is he? Looks Bishon. We have a bishon/spaniel mix, or we think that is the mix since he is a rescue. He was black when we got him at 9 months. He is 6 now and is growing white around his jaw line.
    Ah Kindergarten. Yesterday was the second day that Kindergarten was able to go to music class. They came into my room fine except one girl at the end of the line. She was in a very pretty party dress with cute pink tennis shoes. She started to scream and refused to go into music because she wanted to go to the gym. The hall was filled with older students who were getting their lunches. The teacher had already disappeared. She was screaming and yelling and really pitching a fit. I found out that the teacher had mistakenly told the students that they were going to gym. The little girl knew she had to follow what her teacher told her and wasn't going to do anything else. Thankfully the gym teacher came up and reasoned with her.

  9. Richard M; If I ever try Spam again I will do your cut it up and brown it more suggestion. It may be a while.

    Bridget; As a retired teacher the District will pay our health insurance if we sub for 25 days. After that 25 days they pay $100 a day, but by then the kids are usually awful and I only go in once every couple of weeks to stay on the roll. Dexter thanks you for the compliment and yes, he is a Bichon.

  10. So, you don't have insurance in your retirement package? Richard said, "I guess everyone up here is spoiled." Actually, the retirement packages for new teachers are just not as good as what I get, been teaching for 29 or so years.

  11. Poor Dexter. What a trip you two had. Between weather, forgotten items and poor Dexter's health.

    Hope you are both feeling tip top now, him with his meds and you with coffee and a real bed.