Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Comments Link Should Be Fixed.

Somehow the comments link got changed.  It should be fixed and comments can be left again.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks Barry for alerting me.


  1. No problem. I just assumed that you were receiving a lot of spam or something. That's why I asked about "Team members" as you needed to be one to leave a comment.

  2. RichardM; That reference went right over my head. I'm not sure how the setting got changed and until yesterday hadn't paid any attention to no comments on the last 3 posts. I did get a new phone and may have changed the settings while setting that up.

  3. I had been wondering....but then got sidetracked.

  4. I, like Richard, figured you'd just been getting spam. Thanks for fixing it. :-)

  5. Charlie6; Sidetracked is always good. Especially when it involves a new project!

    Trobairitz; You're welcome, thank you for stopping by.

    VStar Lady; I'm glad somebody woke me up to the fact it wasn't working. RichardM tried and I didn't get it.