Monday, March 14, 2016

Finally Back To Installing The Car Tire On Petunia

Spring has sprung out here in the desert, I'm 8 months into my time out, and getting itchy.  So, into the garage to start to piddle because I will be able to ride again before long and don't want to not be ready.

This is the first tire I have changed.

 Success, with minimal effort.

 This is the rim strip that I paid to have changed 1,000 miles ago?  Looks like it hasn't been changed in forever.  I have been charged for a rim strip every tire change in the 9 years I've owned Petunia.  Makes me wonder how many tubes I've paid for and didn't get.  This strip was so brittle that it took very little  effort to snap it in two when pulling on it. Plus it was stuck to the rim and I had to cut it to get it loose.

 Test fitting the new tire under the fender.

 View from the rear. Looks like room to me.

 I took the fender all the way off to get better measurements and found this lovely crack that will have to be repaired.  I'm going to replace/cut down the mounting hardware and massage the fender a touch wider to make a little extra room.  I read somewhere that it was the little numbers that counted most.

I have unlaced the 3" rim from the hub and will will test fit the old spokes into the new rim to be sure they are the correct size.  I will then order a new set of spokes.  While waiting for them to get here I will mock up/lace a 3.5' rim and a 4" rim to see which one fits best in the area I am confined to.  This little extra work will help me determine the need to go to a 1" drive belt, which I am thinking will be a necessity,  and checking actual clearance of the brake caliper.

Doing the impossible takes a little longer, but if this works out getting 25,000 plus miles out of a rear tire sounds good to me.

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