Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Learning Curve Continues

Spent some quality time in the garage today learning about lacing a spoke rim. Sounds simple enough to put a spoke in a hole, stick it in the rim hole, start the nipple, count four holes, and go the next one.  Then flip the rim and repeat.
This was the result of that flawed thinking.

It seems that I used the wrong holes on the first side and that made the spokes way to long for what I had hoped to accomplish.  Looking and thinking about it I made an adjustment that appeared to lead to a solution.  However when I tried to straighten out my mistake I mixed up the spokes and that wouldn't work out to help me measure for the correct size spokes needed.

 It did allow me to be able to mount the 4" rim to Petunia and check for clearance for the brake caliper. Looking from the rear you should be able to see the hub isn't centered because it moved as I was mounting it to the axel.

 Looking from the right side there is clearance for the brake caliper, but I'm going with the 3 1/2" rim to not push the issue.  That and half an inch narrower rim will result in a narrower tire.  Still searching for those little numbers.  On the left side I'm pretty sure it shows that I will be changing to a 1' drive belt. 

At this point needing to order an unknown size spoke and worrying about being able to correctly true the rim I called a favorite local tire shop.  They would furnish new spokes, lace, and true the rim for only $125.  It took just over an hour to get there, drop off the rim with hub, and get back home. When I was leaving Steve told me it could be a day or two to be finished.  Here it is three hours later and he called to say the rim is ready to be picked up.  I'm pretty happy with my decision to have them True the rim for me.  

Next up is sealing the rim to allow for running a tubeless tire.

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