Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Tire Install Heading to Plan Z

It took the 3M 5200 Marine Adhesive a full 7 days to set up.  By set up I mean that it still felt tacky, but also felt dry and I really had to push to leave a fingerprint.  Getting antsy, I put the tire on the rim.

That was easy enough, but putting air in was another story.  My small 3 gallon compressor was no match for the task at hand.  So, off to the neighborhood Independent motorcycle shop I went. Explained to them what I wanted and they said sure they would air it up.  Pulled around back and was looking forward to having this part of the experiment done.  But, there is always a but, the tire is so stiff that it wouldn't push up to the bead.  We used a ratchet strap to try to compress it and that didn't work either.  Even with a 100 gallon compressor there was to big of a gap between the tire and rim to set the bead.

So, with Plans A and B not being unsuccessful it was time to re-evaluate options. Sometimes you have to dig deep when you are hard headed.  That brings me to Plan Z.  You know about Plan Z?  That is the what the hell am I going to do now plan.  The am I a quitter plan or am I really a risk taker plan. Being me, if this is going to fail it is going to fail big.  Not just fail big, but I am going to show just how it failed.  This is Wednesday morning and I have several necessary things I have to get done today and might not to get to Plan Z today, but I will post about it no matter the results.


  1. Mr. AHD find a shop with an "Air Cheetah" bead seater.


  2. Good luck with Plan Z, if nothing else you can keep going and start with numbers. Plan 1 comes after Z, doesn't it?

  3. back in my v-strom using a car tire for pusher wheel days, didn't run into that particular situation. not sure how I'd solve that one.

  4. fasthair; That might be to easy for the way I do things.

    Trobairitz; I'm not sure what happens after Plan Z, but giving up isn't in the cards either.

    Charlie6; My issue is finding a method that allows me the ability to air up the tire in case of a flat and the bead breaking. Besides milage I am looking to run on some dirt and gravel just because it is there.

  5. There's always the starting fluid and a match followed quickly with the air compressor...

    It seems to work on YouTube (but didn't work on the Mythbusters since they didn't follow up with the air compressor). And, no, I've never tried it myself.

  6. Pay someone. Solves all problems.

  7. RichardM; You might be on to something.

    Conchscooter; There is just something about getting my hands dirty that is ingrained into me. That and in some areas I'm a cheap Bastard which makes no sense when dealing with motorcycles.