Thursday, April 7, 2016

Getting Closer.....UPDATED

Got up early and with nothing else to do I tried to inflate the car tire on Petunia's new rim with my little pancake compressor. And it worked like a champ!

 I  used the strap to be sure the tire was against the wheel as tightly as possible.

Pumped it up to 50 psi, did a few bounces on the garage floor, and headed inside for the all important bath test.

All was going well until about the 10 o'clock position.  One spoke has a leak.  Of course one lousy spoke has a leak. A quick, stupid, thought crossed my mind to just use a can of Fix-A-Flat, but it evaporated as quickly as it entered.  I marked the leaker and will pull the tire off, reseal the leaker, coat the entire rim again, wait the week for it to set up and mount it again.

If it doesn't work then I will just have to go with a tube.  

On another note, with the tire aired up it is apparent that I will have to go to a 1" drive belt.  I expected that, but was waiting to confirm before buying the parts. I'm off to shop and break down the tire.

Broke down the tire and cut out the leaking spoke area.  This is what I found...

The 3m 5200 Adhesive not only pulled off rather easily, it pulled all but 5 of the Seal All nipple covers off.  The remaining 5 were way to easily peeled off!

 I then used a scrub pad to clean up the rim and ALL of the residue wiped off without any effort at all and with just water.

So, it is an abort on running tubeless.  While being hard headed is one thing, being stupid, especially on the motorcycle, is quite another.  If the stuff that is supposed to keep the tire inflated can just be wiped off I can imagine what would happen at 65 MPH on a hot day rolling across the desert somewhere. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Well Damn

The starting fluid fire trick didn't work!  It started a fire, but not enough air to set the bead.  I'll post a video later.

Went to three tire shops and none would touch it because of liability.  So, I ordered a bead seater that operates on 100 psi and the beads are so close together that didn't work either.

Not willing to concede, I cut some four inch blocks to spread the beads.  Hoping the ninety degree weather holds for a few days of baking in the sun.  My thoughts are it will allow the tire to soften and reshape itself, hopefully allowing the beads to spread far enough to allow the tire to inflate.

Running out of options here.  Any suggestions?