Sunday, May 8, 2016

1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back

Spent some quality time in the garage today.  Everything I did the last couple of weeks had to be undone to get to the next steps that need to be done.  Had to remove the rear sidecar mount and right exhaust to get the swing arm bracket off.

Next was to remove the tire.  I let all the air out and installed the Dyna Beads to balance it. This is my first time using them and it was an easy process.  Next was to drive out the swingarm pivot shaft.  I had sprayed it a few weeks ago with penetrating oil and it just slipped out nice and easy.  Unbolted the shocks and the swingarm practically fell out.

Ready to pull the primary innards and put on the new 1" drive belt.

 Looked up at the dash for a long longing look at what I've been missing. 

I thought I had all the parts I needed, but as I was removing the exhaust I found at least three missing bolts or nuts that I need to replace.  Removing the primary cover I noticed the horn wire was damaged in two locations, so I need to repair that.  I also have to go have the split in the fender welded.  Because the fender is buried under/behind the accessories I will just primer it, but not have it painted.  Just add a touch of character to Petunia.

At least I am heading in the right direction and making strides toward completion of this project. 



  1. it's always something isn't it? Glad you're making progress!

  2. I don't know. If you have the belt changed then I'd say that you are making good forward progress. You just needed to remove a few "accessories" (like the sidecar)...

  3. Off subject. Did you ever have any side effects when you were pulling your trailer. I am looking at fixing one up with torsion instead of springs and wondered what your thoughts were. How many miles would you say you pulled one, longest trip, biggest problems faced and how many years did you do it.

    Duane Allen "Sleeper"

  4. Charlie6; Yep, that is part of the fun in motorcycles.

    RichardM; The sidecar was the easy part. The rear fork/swingarm was the big part as the primary had to be totally disassembled as well. It went back together pretty easily.

    Duane; Over the years I've had 2 different trailers for a bike. The first was a big wheel, box looking one that connected to the bike, a Goldwing, with a S neck swivel up under the brake light. That towed like a dream and was well balanced even when cornering.

    The last trailer was a Piggy Backer and I wrote about here,, and here, It was very easy to tow and contrary to what some say I have never forgotten I was towing a trailer. That would be looking for something bad to happen.

    Total miles with a trailer was well over 40,000 with the longest single trip being just over 10,000 miles to Alaska in June 2008. Next longest was around 9,000 miles, 2 up for most of it, the summer of 2010.