Sunday, May 1, 2016


Circumstances keep conspiring to kick my ass and I have to admit not being able to ride is wearing me out.  But, I need to give myself a good, strong kick in that ass and plug ahead.

I have made a bit of progress on the Petunia front.  The tire is mounted and it fits under the stock fender with just minor modification.  I did use a tube and was successful on the first attempt without poking a hole in it.

Here Petunia sits on her car tire, under the stock fender.  Had to put her on the ground to drain the primary so I can change the drive belt to a 1 1/8" one.

 I cut down the fender mounting bolts to eek out a little more room.  Stock is on the right, new nut and cut insert on the left.  The bolt that holds the fender screws into the center of this.

Cut pair on the left, stock on the right.  I massaged the fender just a bit to get some spread and that 1/2" was worth the effort as the tire now has about 3/16" clearance at its closest point.

The primary oil is draining and this week I plan on taking it apart, pulling the rear fork, and installing the new drive belt.  After I get that done I will install the new voltage regulator and think about reinstalling the pigpen.  Then I will move forward with relocating a deep cycle marine battery into the pigpen.


  1. Following you closely as you convert tires. Keep up the good work!

  2. Well, without riding at least you have time for wrenching....

  3. a meme made the rounds on facebook recently...."introduce your kids to motorcycles, they'll never have time or money for drugs!" I believe you're proving the meme true. :)

  4. Ron; Thanks for following along.

    Trobairitz; Sadly true, but the end is near on not riding.

    Charlie6; Indeed, I am!