Thursday, June 23, 2016

Crossing Things Off The List

Petunia is nearly ready with her new 165HR16 automotive tire! I have been, slowly, crossing things off the list to have her road worthy again.

 The new Optima battery is bolted down and I will run the wires on Saturday to complete the process. Battery security is an issue, but this is how I chose to install it.  The bottom plate is bolted with 6 nuts and bolts with the nuts JB welded under the pigpen.  2 of the bolts penetrate the battery base adding an extra layer of security.  It took 45 minutes to install the 5 hex cap bolts that hold the battery down.  While it isn't theft proof, it will take some real effort to get it out and that includes for ME if I have to take it out! Planning to cover the red battery cable between Petunia and the pig pen with black wiring loom to help conceal it from a casual glance.  I am also mulling over some way to have the seat lock in place to help with being a theft deterrent.  

Getting antsy to get back on the road.  My time-out lasts for another 38 days and I will be sitting on ready.  

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Slowly, But Surely

The tire, fender, new drive belt, and most all brackets and accessories are back where they belong.  I have clearance in all critical areas, the tire doesn't rub, and it was time to start the electrical issues I decided I needed to create.

Step one was a new voltage regulator.  For some reason this was an issue I wasn't looking forward to.  Tearing into the motor and transmission I didn't hesitate, but the regulator caused me to pause for some reason.  I did have to disconnect the oil cooler, but other than that it was an hour project that went without a hitch.

Next was to clean up the electrical for the Pig Pen lighting.  When I purchased the Pig Pen it came with these connections which I used because it what the previous owner used.

 I took them out, cut and soldered in new pig tails, and used marine grade shrink wrap to seal the them up.  I will now use Bullet Terminals to allow me to disconnect the Pig Pen if necessary 

Next up was to add in new terminals for hot and ground.

The purpose here is to allow for the use of an Optima Marine Grade Deep Cycle battery which I will mount in the Pig Pen.  I will use this in conjunction with a Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter to allow me to charge my electronic devices off the grid.  I have to get the necessary cables and looking into a quick disconnect to shut the power off from Petunia in the event of an electrical issue.

Connecting the Pig Pen is next on my agenda, but the quick disconnect for the brakes is leaking and I will replace it with a new one.  Not willing to take any chances as I have to remove the front exhaust header to be able to bleed them.  

I have some jobs at my daughter's that will keep me busy for a week or so and then it will be a big push to get Petunia completed.  My Time Out ends in 54 days and I have to be ready!