Monday, July 4, 2016

Anatomy of My Tire Wear

I purchased Petunia in February 2007 with only 3,748 miles on her. She is a 2003 100 year anniversary bike that was first titled July 6, 2004 by an old guy in Minnesota. He had her trucked to Arizona and claimed he only rode her twice, having to go into full lock up both times because of inattentive drivers. Her original Dunlop tire lasted 9,953 miles and was replaced when I stopped my the local Stealership to schedule her 5,000 mile service.  Came out to leave and the tire was flat.

They installed another Dunlop, because that is what came on her and was what they had.  This tire lasted 8,787 miles in eight months, that included many miles dragging Piggy, a trailer, behind Petunia carrying all my camping gear.  I was OK with that mileage and put another Dunlop on.  This one was replaced with 6,840 miles on it in June ’08, as I prepared to depart for Alaska. Loaded down, dragging Piggy, and traveling the AlCan Highway I was sweating making it to Anchorage with the tread wearing dangerously thin.  It was replaced with only 4,747 miles and 12 days since the last new tire. Asked the Anchorage Harley Dealer if they had a better tire and they claimed the Dunlop was the best tire made for a Harley and the only one they would put on it. So, eight days later after 4,572 miles of the Cassier highway I put an Avon rear tire on because I was looking for a better wearing tire.

Ninety nine percent of the above mileage was done solo, but with the trailer.  When I put the Avon tires on I also started doing a lot of 2 up riding and less of trailering. That Avon lasted for a year and 8,226 miles and I was so impressed I got another one.  The second Avon lasted 7,328 and as I was sitting at a camp ground in Arkansas I noticed the cords showing.  Dropped the trailer and limped 65 miles to the closest Dealer to get a replacement.  Again they would only install a Dunlop. That quality tire only lasted 5,904 miles of 2 up, trailering riding and was replaced with an Avon again. This is when I quit pulling the trailer, but was still riding 2 up part time and went for 9,453 miles before another Avon went on for an additional 9,402 miles.  

Always searching for better tire wear I started hearing and reading about the Michelin Commander II tire.  The claim was double the mileage of any other tire, so I had to give it a try and installed a matched set.  That rear tire lasted 11,780 miles with the last 1,332 miles with the sidecar attached to Petunia.  The tire, in my mind, was wearing quite well, but with the sidecar it accelerated the wear dramatically.  

This was when I got serious about looking into a car tire on Petunia.  In the mean time I picked up a cheap, imported, no-name, E-Bay special and had it mounted.  That wonderful POS was toasted in 1,532 miles.

So, now she sits on an Avon 165R16 Taxi tire from England. Have no idea what to expect out of this tire, but it is rated for a load of 1,235 pounds @36 psi and a H speed rating good for 130 mph.  Fully loaded she should be well below the load rating and will never see anything much over 70 mph.  If I can get 15,000 miles out of it I think I would be happy and if it will go 20,000 or more I will really be happy.  We will be back on the road August 1st!

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  1. Hoping you get the mileage you are hoping for....