Thursday, July 7, 2016

Any Moron...

...can work on a motorcycle, but when you pay someone to work on one you wouldn’t expect them to be the idiot. Or, maybe I just expect to much and am being unreasonable.

I decided to put one of the new Avon Trike Tires on the front of Petunia and while checking thought why not put one on the playpen too.  The reviews on the tire are great on trikes and on the two I found used on a hack.  If it works on the bike it should be perfect on the sidecar.

That is where I found the stupidity. The playpen tire has been on for around 7 years and was showing some cracks on the sidewall.  Tires were ordered and are on the truck for delivery today, so why not be ready when they are delivered.  I removed the tire, broke it down, and found it a real bear to get off the rim.  Finally got the first side off and getting the tube out was about impossible as the valve stem didn’t want to come out of the rim.  I forced the rim out of the tire and found this:

While the rim is for an offset stem tube the shop used a tube with a center stem, the rim strip was a center stem strip, and the tube was just twisted to make it fit.  That boys and girls is why you shouldn’t let just anyone work on your bike.

Rant is over….I think I hear the UPS truck and I need to get back to work.

Update;  These new tires have a really stiff sidewall and I have pinched, ruined, both of the tubes I bought.  I will hit up my local indy shop to see if they can mount the thing for me.   


  1. I blow hot and cold on doing my own tires. If I do it myself I know it's done right (even with the odd pinched tube) but to offload the hassle to someone else for $40 or so is awfully tempting. Got a rear tire change coming up and breaking the bead alone might be worth the $$.

  2. David; Having only recently trying to change my own it isn't easy on the garage floor with only a couple of 2 foot tire irons. If I get great mileage out of these new tires I will give up trying to change anymore. Being an old guy it isn't worth buying the necessary tools to make it easy.