Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Just About Ready

The end is near and this is the last update before I will be back out on the road. As I was pushing Petunia around the garage last week I noticed a rubbing sound and started to get worried.  Investigated that this morning and found it is only the thin flap on the belt guard.  But, that also led to noticing the belt is adjusted way to tight, so I will readjust that with all my final tightening and final checks. 

I am taking the opportunity to complete the triple tree update to the entire 2010 Tri-Glide setup. When I did this upgrade I chose to keep the stock front forks, knowing I would eventually upgrade to Tri-Glide forks.  Stock ones are the first and third from the left, the new two inch longer ones are from a Tri-Glide and were purchased new from an on line dealer.

The longer legs led to the brake lines needing to be extended as well.  Back to my favorite online dealer and a week wait that ends tomorrow. 

The longer legs also required realigning the pig pen, again.  This time I had to disconnect every mount, clean, lube, and spread the pinch points to get them to easily move.  This really wasn’t that bad of a project and made the final adjustments easily accomplished.  Doing this also allowed me to close the wheel lead on the pig pen to the recommended 15% of Petunia’s wheel to wheel center lines.  It moved the pig pen almost two inches rearward and I will have to ride her to see what that does.  

In my searching I found two sidecar manufacturers who agree on the correct starting points to align a sidecar.  Besides closing the wheel lead, I set the toe-in to the minimum 1/2” and set Petunia level with no lean out and no weight on her.  When I sit on her she leans out about 3/16” and, again, I have to ride her to make any necessary final adjustments.  I chose these starting measurements because it is the minimum suggested for getting good tire wear.  Makes sense to me because this whole operation started to get better tire wear. 


  1. Man that's a lot of variables you've changed on the rig.

    Looking forward to your first ride report with her.

  2. Charlie6; Just like starting from scratch or getting a new rig I guess. All of my prior experience with the pig pen was based on someone else's idea of setup. I'm excited to see how that differs and how she handles now.

  3. And we're excited to hear about the first ride.

  4. With all of the work it sounds like you're just beginning as opposed to almost ready!

    I'm also looking forward to your first ride.

  5. VStar Lady; I will be excited to write it up for you to read.

    Richard; just beginning is a great way to put it, but I'm getting nervous because the brake line seems to be lost in the mail. No brakes = no riding.

  6. I am so thrilled for you!! I can't wait to see how it goes!