Sunday, August 7, 2016

And Then There Were Two

I can ride again, but couldn’t because Petunia was being naughty.  Because I didn’t have a stable of bikes to pick from that left me feeling blue. She is apart and we wait for parts, again, to be able to get out on the road.

Over the past couple of years I have toyed with the idea of getting an adventure bike, breaking it in, and putting a sidecar on it so I can travel the way back roads and dirt of the forests.  So, Friday with nothing but time, and watching it rain, finally, I looked up a small dealer in Prescott, AZ, some 95 miles up North from me.  I knew they had an adventure bike I was interested in in the past, but the color wasn’t to my liking, and looked to see if they still had it.  

I called and it was still available. This is a NEW 2013 that had only 5 miles and fits the bill of what I was looking for at a price that I just couldn’t resist any longer even with the color!  


She is a Moto Guzzi Stelvio 1200 NTX.  I had been lurking on their web site for at least 20 months and finally called yesterday to see if it was still available before I drove up there to look at it.  Not only was it available, but they just reduced the price another $1500. Taking a leap of faith I gave them a deposit and told them I would be up Saturday morning to pick it up.

Couldn’t sleep Friday night, got up way to early, left the house, and figured I would stop for breakfast.  I still had a couple of hours to kill until they opened.  Finally the paper work was done, money was paid, and it was time to get acquainted with Stella.  She loves the twisties and was more comfortable in them than I was.  

There is a lot to learn about Stella and some notable things that will take some effort to get used to.  Firstly there is no cruise control which I don't like at all, so I will be looking into a throttle lock.  The riding position is an upright crouch with my feet behind my knees and I can't stretch out like I can on Petunia.  The turn signals aren't self cancelling and are both on the same switch.

Because it was 106 in Phoenix yesterday I only got 300 miles in and in those miles she is getting 48 MPG.  I did stop in at the house to check on the dogs, take a short nap, and then went out again about 6:30.  We rode until I was worn out and had to park her at 10.  

By the light of a sliver of the moon.

Stella AND I are becoming good friends quickly as this ADVenture begins to unfold.  Not to worry, Petunia isn't going anywhere.


  1. Congrats on the new motorcycle!

    I see Dauntless Sidecars has a mount kit for the Stelvio and its not that expensive! Nice.

    Looking forward to your getting acquainted with Stella.

  2. Charlie6; Thanks, DMC is the direction I think I will look. I'm thinking an Expedition would look good connected to Stella. I am waiting for the sun to go down so I can put some more miles on her tonight.

  3. Very nice looking bike! A friend installed an electronic cruise control on his wife's Guzzi Norge. Better than a throttle lock if you can find one...

  4. Awesome. Congrats on the new bike. It is nice to have options.....two wheel or three......

  5. RichardM; Thanks, I saw that electronic cruise for the Norge at $995. Steep price and I will have to check to see if it is adaptable for the Stelvio.

    Trobairbitz; Thanks, at least with two a person should be able to expect to have one operational at all times, I would hope.

  6. Congratulations. That is one nice looking bike for exploring the back roads. And I think the colour will grow on you.

  7. Finally you have the cylinders the right way round.

  8. David; I believe you may be right about the color. Have been getting a lot of compliments on it.

    Conchscooter; I have noticed with the cylinders this way around it makes a lot less noise. I'm liking that a lot!

    RichardM; I am in total agreement!