Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Learning Curve

It has been a long, hot, and exhausting five days out here in the desert.  When I picked up Stella Saturday morning I scheduled her 1000 mile service for tomorrow, Thursday.  The guy at the Dealership questioned if I would be ready by Thursday and I assured him I would be.

Saturday and Sunday found time to get in 286 miles and reading the owners book, finding an online service manual, and learning what I could about Stella.  Monday morning was time to head out to the cool country of Northern Arizona.  First order of business was breakfast at the Lone Valley Cafe up near Clint’s Well.  

The Ride

 The Food

Temperatures were in the low 70s and were feeling good.  Lake Mary Road toward Flagstaff and Highway 89A South I came upon the traffic and forest thinning of the Slide Rock State Park.  It was Monday for heaven’s sake and schools in the valley are back in session, but this place was packed!  Finally in the clear I set sail for Sedona and the red rocks.  Traffic was awful here as well and I almost turned toward the big slab to get rolling, but just calmed down and dealt with it.  Once I hit the good crooked part of road I was free to let Stella show what she had.  She had a lot more than I was comfortable with early on.  But, I found the throttle twisting tighter and tighter  as I bounced from side to side.  At a water stop I was playing with the onboard computer and found this nugget which the bottom line surprised the Hell out of me.

Now ordinarily 1000 miles in six days is no biggie.  But when not having ridden any bike for sixteen months to say I am out of riding shape is an understatement. Add learning the quirks of the Moto Guzzi Stelvio, which is quite a bit taller than Petunia, and the heat with accompanying humidity we are having and it was kicking my arse.  

I woke up Tuesday morning and was feeling really dehydrated and made the smart decision to not ride at all, but rather stay inside , drink water, and rest up.  It also crossed my mind to reschedule the 1000 mile service until next week.  

Not happening, I woke up feeling great this morning and headed out for the 80 miles I needed to get in today to be on schedule for the service tomorrow.  It was 86 degrees, 65 percent humidity, and I didn’t get home until Stella and I had covered 158 miles.  The day of rest worked wonders as I was feeling very comfortable with Stella and what she is capable of.  That was until playing with the computer again and I found she is set to not exceed 6,000 RPM at the moment. It will be interesting what she will do when she is free to really run tomorrow.     


  1. ah yes, the joys of getting to know a motorcycle that is new to oneself. :)

    curious why your trip meter read 2.0 but fuel gauge read near empty...or had you just reset the meter two miles back?

  2. Sound like you and Stella are having fun, heat and humidity aside. Great color scheme too.

  3. Charlie6; Once it goes to reserve there is a count down, but it doesn't seem to be accurate. It shows two and only took 6.4 gallons to fill a 8.5 gallon tank. I wasn't willing to take that chance. Once I install the Roto Pax I will run it totally empty to see how far I can go.

    Trobairitz; Thank you, the color is growing on me.

  4. High mileage! Cool. The Triumph mechanic used to call me the Rider when I was going to the dealership during the first service period. Hard core.

  5. Chonchscooter; I wanted to get the first 1,000 miles done and service taken care of. I will be slowing it down a bit now because of the heat, index here yesterday was 112, and it only cooling into the mid 90s overnight.

  6. I am just a bit behind on blog reading ... Congratulations on the new ride, and I love the colour.