Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Let There Be Farkle

The foolishness has begun.  Every motorcycle is really just a launching pad for all the things we want to add to make it in our own personal style.  In this case some are useful and some are necessary.  On a good note for the Stelvio there are a very limited number of farkles that are available and those that are are expensive.

I installed the Koako throttle lock in a tad under 5 minutes.  My first impression wasn’t good.  But, giving it a few miles and playing with it I am learning the trick to make it work as advertised. I decided I needed to move the brake lever housing closer to the grip and that made a lot of difference.

While using the lock I realized how much vibration there is in the bars.  Checking the wheel weights I found Stella has 25 grams on the left side of the front rim about 1/2” from the valve stem. That just seemed odd to me.  I ordered CounterAct balancing beads to see if that would help.  These are little balls of glass that stick inside the tire and don’t drop to the bottom when you stop.  They went in a lot quicker than Dayna Beads did on Petunia, but Stella has tubeless tires. 

Moto Guzzi has a know issue with the factory installed driving lights shorting out and blowing the  30 amp main fuse that stops the alternator from charging and it is said the rider doesn’t know until the bike won’t start.  I was going to make an inline fuse to prevent this, but found them already made and went that route.  It was a quick fix, but one I shouldn’t have had to pay for to get it done.

Stella didn’t come with a top box and looking for one was sticker shock city!  eBay to the rescue as there was one available with all the necessary accessories, nuts, and bolts.   It is in great condition and was less than half price of a new one.  Now I have a place to store my helmet when I stop.

The side cases didn’t come with handles, so a quick trip to Home Depot and problem solved.

So, Stella is farkled.  My intent is to leave her stock as changing things just leads to more things and throwing good money after bad decisions.  Although, a sidecar is definitely in her future at some point, the tank and front fender may get a different color, and I may change the color of the engine guards to match the frame.  But, mostly I am only going to spend money on gas and breakfast.  Oh, and oil.  She uses a special 10W 60 oil that they are really proud of and it is reflected in the price and the service interval is only 6,200 miles.


  1. 10w60 oil? Don't think that's readily available at the auto parts store anyways...heck, I'm having some trouble finding 20w50 for the Urals in the 5 quart bottles! It's a conspiracy I tell you! ;)

    nice job on the farkling so far.

  2. Charlie6, Amazon is my friend....Motul is available and got here in 2 days. I got enough for 2 oil changes.

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  4. Nice looking cases. Great idea for the handles.

  5. Trobairitz; Thank you, it is awkward to carry bags without handles in my opinion, so I fixed it for me.

  6. That to box looks huge! I like the handle addition to the side cases. Are are the aluminum pieces to run straps through?

  7. Richard; The top box is only 13 x 16 x 12 and my full face helmet just fits. Handles are an absolute necessity. The aluminum pieces are for a flat j hook, but not sure where to get something like that.