Saturday, August 13, 2016

Stella Service Update

I took Stella up to Prescott on Thursday for her initial service.  The Moto Guzzi folks actually call for the service at 932 miles or 1500 km.  We arrived with 978 miles on the clock and just a couple of items I asked to be looked at.  This being my first bike with ABS I asked to have the rear brake looked at because it felt spongy to me.  They determined it needed to be bled and it did seem better on the ride home.  The throttle had a clunk to it on acceleration and letting off, that was fixed with an adjustment of the throttle cables.  

The rest was just routine oil and fluid changes, connecting to the computer for an updated fuel mapping, and general checking for loose fasteners.  Then came the news about the valve train replacement.  Seems certain year Stelvios had an issue with the flat tappet valve train not being heat treated correctly and the fix is a complete new valve train with roller rockers.  So, the process is started to get that replaced.  My instructions are to ride it until it gets really noisy and then park it.  Rather than park it I think I would just pull the valve covers and readjust the valves back into spec and ride some more.  Don’t want to blow the thing up, but in the Forums I read that some rode 20,000 miles with the noise before the replacements were done.

I chose to use the small dealer in Prescott, for this service, because of the deal he gave me on the bike and feel like he gave me excellent service.  After talking with him I am comfortable that he has the best interests of Stella in mind.  So, while I will do the regular oil/fluid changes on the services that require major adjustments I will take it back to him at least during the warranty period.

My first farkle was added yesterday….a Battery Tender cable to keep her battery fully charged if not riding her for a few days without removing the seat.  I, also, ordered a rear top case off of eBay that should be here on Wednesday and a Kaoko Throttle Lock that is scheduled for Monday delivery.

I just need it to cool off a bit to be able to get out and ride.  The heat index here yesterday was 117 and expected to stay up there until at least Thursday.  It is only 10:30 here now and it is already 101 and 32% humidity for a heat index of 105!


  1. And so the farkling begins....part of the honeymoon phase with one's new motorcycle....

    Way too hot down your way....

  2. Charlie6; These are really just necessities and luckily there are not many farkles for a Stelvio.

  3. We've had several days here where the heat index was at least that high, but mostly because of the high humidity. Temperatures have been in the 90-95 degree range - plenty hot enough for me.
    Is the valve train work a warranty item? Would hope so.

  4. David; It is under warranty, thankfully.

  5. Damn you have some hot weather.

    Hopefully they will be fixing the valve issue under warranty or is it a recall?

    My Gladius had a rectifier recall before I bought it, which was done right before I pick did up, and we just had it replaced under another recall. A recall of the recall technically.

  6. Trobairitz; Technically it is warranty because it comes out as a service advisory. But, they know it is a problem and a service advisory is as good as a recall without the government getting involved.