Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Monday came and it was riding time.  Went for a quick ten mile shake down and found there was a faint rubbing sound.  Came home to find the belt guard was just barely touching the new tire. I removed it, went out again and all seemed well.  

Next up was a forty mile get acquainted ride to nowhere.  It is funny how much can be forgotten about the characteristics of a bike in a year.  I forgot how simple things worked like cruise control, where the turn indicators were located, and which handle bar buttons controlled what item.  

The good is the steering is light and easy and the road marks on the new tires seem to indicate she is tracking exactly as expected.  Next was a trip to the Mall in afternoon traffic.  I wasn’t going to go until 7:00, but got antsy at 6:00 and headed out.  Luckily the clouds and impending rain cooled things off and it wasn’t to bad of a ride. The rig was easy to maneuver in the traffic without much effort. 

I was liking this until I came back out and found the bad, a little puddle of oil on the ground under the primary chain case cover.  Got home and thought I located the the source of the leak and began to form a plan to take care of it.  Instead, the next morning, I went to Wickenburg for breakfast.  Sitting in the restaurant I kept looking at Petunia and began to see two puddles of oil forming under her.  So, I aborted my plan and headed home.  On the return ride home I decided I’m going to have to lean Petunia further from the pigpen because she pulls slightly to the right, but I was anticipating some adjustments anyway.

Getting home my daughter called and asked me to take her to the doctor.  Since I had a couple of hours I started taking the primary apart and had it stripped all the way down in short order.  

Then this morning I found the outer bearing feeling like it was full of rocks.  This leads to the ugly. In my exuberance to get it apart and its unwillingness to cooperate I seem to have ruined the chain case cover.  New one ordered, damn it, and still looking into all the other oil seals, gaskets, ect that I  am going to need to fix this fine mess.  So, while I CAN be riding again, it seems I CAN’T be riding after all.


  1. Sounds like a serious problem. Was this due to the rig sitting so long?

  2. RichardM; I'm not sure why. I have read it could be caused by either the drive belt or primary chain being to tight. I changed all fluids prior to starting her up and the leak didn't start until after about 100 miles. I had noticed the primary running really hot after getting her running and am thinking that could have been caused by the bearing trying to seize up.

  3. At least you got out riding for a little bit. Best to find these issues before you are on a long ride.

  4. Like Brandy said, better to discover the problem close to home.

  5. Bummer about the chain cover, am more concerned about failed bearings however....