Sunday, September 11, 2016

2,100 Mile Update

Is 2,100 miles enough to post a serious review of a bike?  I will take that chance.  My first impression was that Stella was to tall for my 32” inseam.  That made stopping troublesome and taking off a touch of an adventure.  I got a new pair of boots and that has helped a lot.  It only took about 300 miles to get used to how tall she was and begin to relax and trust that everything would be OK.  There are several things that can be adjusted to personal preference that help make Stella more comfortable.  The windscreen has about six inches of adjustment and when in its highest setting offers plenty of protection and no buffeting.  You get plenty of choices for levers being adjustable with either 4 positions, clutch, or 5 positions, brake, away from the handgrip.  I finally settled on 3 for the clutch and 4 for the brake.  You could change the seat to a higher setting, but I would need stilts for that.  The handlebars can be turned any number of ways to add comfort, but I haven’t gone there yet.

She is rock steady on the open road and hugs corners very well.  The shocks have several ways they can be adjusted and I have only played with the damping of the rear so far.  The front dives on braking and when I change the fluid I will use a heavier oil than stock.  She runs great on the highway and easily would cruise at 90 mph if inclined or 100+ if not paying attention.  A drawback is she doesn’t feel like she is any way near as fast as she is going.  

I am getting used to the seating position being kind of a crouch with my feet behind my knees.  If not for a bad knee I don’t think it would be any issue at all.  My only real complaint is the lack of electronic cruise control.  Some have adapted a Moto Guzzi unit designed for a different model, but I’m unwilling to cut into the wiring harness.  I did put on a throttle lock and still getting used to how it really works which is vastly different than claimed.

Bottom line is I am loving this bike.  Even with being forced to learn to do a valve adjustment, easy enough, this week and a few know issues that Moto Guzzi hasn’t/won’t fix she is a fun ride that gets better after every mile.  The only thing I am really nervous about is the rumor that Moto Guzzi is ending the Stelvio at the end of the 2016 model year.  Something about the European Union changing emission requirements on the 1200 Quattro valve engines.


  1. I am glad you are loving Stella. 2000 miles is definitely enough time to tell what you like and may not like about a bike.

  2. Trobairitz; So far, to me, there isn't much not to like about Stella. I am getting wimpy about riding in the heat, but Mother Nature is making nice changes out here in the desert.