Friday, September 9, 2016

Close Call

Took off yesterday morning just to log some miles.  Heading toward my favorite path of travel I started to hear ticking and it was getting louder.  Pulled over 20 miles from the house and the left cylinder head was clacking up a storm.  I turned around and slowly rode home.

Waited an hour for things to cool off and popped the valve cover off.  Quickly noticed the lock nut wasn't on one of the exhaust valve adjusters.  Not always being being the sharpest pencil in the box, I instantly knew this wasn't a good thing to have a wayward nut floating around in the motor somewhere.  What to do crossed my mind.  A quick look around didn't reveal an answer.

Consulted the internet looking for some sign of hope and found one.  Went back out and grabbed my adjustable magnet and started poking it in the places it would fit.  On the second stick I heard a distinct tink.  Pulled it out and the little beast was attached to the end of the magnet!  No scaring, no damage, no nothing. Had to wait for another couple of hours while it cooled enough to replace the nut and do a valve adjustment.  Completed the task, buttoned it all up, started Stella and all sounds good again.

Will head out for a short ride this morning, bring it back and let it cool off until it is cold and recheck the tightness of the lock nuts.  Yesterday was my lucky day and I dodged a huge bullet!


  1. Don't bother buying a lottery ticket this week, I believe you just used up all your good luck!

  2. Charlie6; Indeed I did and am thanking my lucky stars. Was imaging having to get a trailer and towing her to the dealer and waiting for weeks to get her back.

  3. Yikes. Good job you found that when you did.

    Would that have been covered under warranty since it is so new?

  4. Trobairitz; It kinda found me with all the noise it was making. Probably would have been covered, but that would have required a tow, or trailer rental, a trip to the dealer, and wondering if Mother Guzzi would accept responsibility. IMHO it is always best to see if it can be done in the garage first. Just easier that way and allowed for 100 miles yesterday, 200 this morning, and no time required to worry about it.