Saturday, October 29, 2016

Funday Friday

Friday rolled around and there was nothing on the schedule, finally, to prevent me from taking Stella out for some longer distance exercise.  A quick check of the weather and I made the decision to head in a northwest direction because I have about worn out the easy northeast routes from Surprise. What a day! Cloudy all day until about 3:30 when just thirty minutes from the house the sun popped out for the first time of the day. Until that point it never got above 83 degrees, but reached 90 in short order when the sun kissed the afternoon hello.

Starting out on US 60, I pointed Stella toward Wickenburg. Leaving the house just before 7:00 AM found minimal traffic and pleasant temperatures.  Nearing the junction of US 60 and AZ 89 a decision had to be made. That proverbial fork in the road as it were and I choose to go left. It quickly crossed my mind that maybe it was time for Stella to taste a new state’s asphalt. Bearing left on US 60 I headed toward Salome, Arizona to connect with Arizona 72 North.  California here we come!

Arizona 72 takes one toward Arizona 95 and Parker, Arizona. The California border and a change to California 62 found the booming metropolis of Earp. Yes, it named for that famous villain Wyatt Earp. Stella is introduced to California as we headed to US 95 North rolling toward Needles, California and back into Arizona.

The destination was the old Route 66 into the Black Mountains and the town of Oatman, Arizona. Oatman was the site of a gold rush in 1863. Today it is a tourist trap that is famous for the wild burrows that come into town every morning to get fed by those tourists. At night they return to the mountains around the town to do what wild burrows do at night.

Road into town from the East


Mom and offspring

Note to tourists, he is still nursing

Someone told this one not to play in the street

On the return portion of the ride I stopped by the London Bridge.  Yes the real London Bridge that was purchased, torn down, shipped to Arizona, and rebuilt in Lake Havasu, Arizona.

A nice little Friday 490 mile tour on mostly 2 lane, traffic free roads.  I’ll bet on Saturday I wouldn’t be able to say that.  My only real issue on the day was finding a name brand gas station. Stella is spoiled and doesn't drink from the pumps of Who-Knows-What-Is-In-The-Tank stations. 

And me being the smart guy I am, I had the RotoPax and it was empty! 
When we finally found a Shell it only took 6.7 gallons to fill her up.
I am going to keep that RotoPax full and run her dry the next time.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Name Change

Stella and I have been adding miles on a consistent basis.  I am still in the process of changing things on her that are necessary and am getting ready to add a few things just because I want to.

Realized this morning I hadn't been here in a while.  While I was catching up I remembered that Dom over at Redleg's Rides had asked a while back if I was going to change the Blog name now that I had a goose.  I had been thinking about that and think I am going to exchange the word Harley for Adventure... thus the Blog becoming Arizona Adventure Dude.  Checking with the FAQ section at Blogger I don't think it is hard to do, as you can see if you look at the title.  My next question is how to change the URL and that gets a little more complicated, so I still have some checking to do on that.  I also don't want to change it without giving some notice for the readers that want to keep following along.

Being brand specific in the title, these nine years later, shows my short sightedness.  Who knew I would still be sharing after that amount of time?  Now with Petunia having the sidecar attached she is an adventure and Stella is considered an ADV bike, so Arizona Adventure Dude seems to me to be a good fit.

Unfortunately, for Petunia, I haven't put her together yet.  When I get ready to work on her and walk into the garage and see Stella I gear up and ride.  I also have only done half of my required substitute days for the District.  That is a problem that I plan to correct in November so I can get that out of the way. is an adventure!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Craziest of Days

There is something in the air out here in the desert!  Our Monsoon season ended, officially, on Friday. It rained on Friday during the day and Friday night.  These are strange occurrences indeed.

It got crazier on Sunday morning.  I went to a Moto Guzzi National Owners Club, MGNOC, monthly Breakfast Ride.  Left the house at 6:55 and rode into a bright morning sun.  Arrived at the appointed Denny's and started meeting the folks without even thinking about weather.  We move inside to their conference room and someone said, "Look how hard that wind is blowing!"  Just minutes prior there was no wind at all.  The waitress walked around taking breakfast orders.

She quickly followed that up delivering coffee and water.  Seemed like a normal day.  Within five minutes she came back in and announced, "I have some bad news.  It is pouring rain and all of you are on motorcycles."

Someone responded, "I not leaving until it quits."

"Well, we can't cook breakfast now!", she added to much laughter.  "No, really, I'm serious," she repeated, "the roof is leaking onto the griddle.  We won't be able to cook until they can get someone here to fix it."

The Breakfast Ride had just been officially rained out, from inside the restaurant!  That is a new one to add to the list of craziest things to ever happen to me on a motorcycle ride.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

More Piddling on Stella

I am still finding things to update on Stella. Like the rear shock that sits right in the path of all matters of road grime that the rear tire throws all over it.  The shock and the rear of the motor are already getting covered and when I softened up the shock last week it had caked on dirt in the adjustment screw.  So, I got a truck mud guard, cut it down to the measurements I found on the www and now have it somewhat protected.

Having left over mud flap and time, I looked at the front fender.  The front tire does the same to the front of the motor that the rear does to the shock. There is a rubber plug on the front that allows access to a nut to turn the motor over when adjusting the valves.  If that rubber plug were to somehow fall off I don’t want everything off the road getting in there.  So, I made and installed a mud flap for that also.

I should spend some of this piddling time on Petunia, but it is easier to just get on Stella and ride.  Even if it is to school to substitute.  I have half of my mandatory days done, am covering four days next week, and the following week is Fall Break.  I’m thinking of taking Stella on an overnight ride and, hopefully, getting back to Petunia after that.