Sunday, October 2, 2016

Craziest of Days

There is something in the air out here in the desert!  Our Monsoon season ended, officially, on Friday. It rained on Friday during the day and Friday night.  These are strange occurrences indeed.

It got crazier on Sunday morning.  I went to a Moto Guzzi National Owners Club, MGNOC, monthly Breakfast Ride.  Left the house at 6:55 and rode into a bright morning sun.  Arrived at the appointed Denny's and started meeting the folks without even thinking about weather.  We move inside to their conference room and someone said, "Look how hard that wind is blowing!"  Just minutes prior there was no wind at all.  The waitress walked around taking breakfast orders.

She quickly followed that up delivering coffee and water.  Seemed like a normal day.  Within five minutes she came back in and announced, "I have some bad news.  It is pouring rain and all of you are on motorcycles."

Someone responded, "I not leaving until it quits."

"Well, we can't cook breakfast now!", she added to much laughter.  "No, really, I'm serious," she repeated, "the roof is leaking onto the griddle.  We won't be able to cook until they can get someone here to fix it."

The Breakfast Ride had just been officially rained out, from inside the restaurant!  That is a new one to add to the list of craziest things to ever happen to me on a motorcycle ride.


  1. It never rains enough for the to know that the roof leaked... At least you could still have coffee or did they throw you out in the rain?

  2. RichardM; We had coffee and waited out the rain. I took the 100 mile route to get home and beat the rain here by 15 minutes, so all was well.

  3. Wow, rain and no breakfast? A sad state of affairs.

  4. Trobairitz; Not to worry for me as I don't miss many meals and got some miles in rain free. While Stella got wet siting in the parking lot she has yet to be ridden in the rain. Her time is coming, I'm sure.