Saturday, October 1, 2016

More Piddling on Stella

I am still finding things to update on Stella. Like the rear shock that sits right in the path of all matters of road grime that the rear tire throws all over it.  The shock and the rear of the motor are already getting covered and when I softened up the shock last week it had caked on dirt in the adjustment screw.  So, I got a truck mud guard, cut it down to the measurements I found on the www and now have it somewhat protected.

Having left over mud flap and time, I looked at the front fender.  The front tire does the same to the front of the motor that the rear does to the shock. There is a rubber plug on the front that allows access to a nut to turn the motor over when adjusting the valves.  If that rubber plug were to somehow fall off I don’t want everything off the road getting in there.  So, I made and installed a mud flap for that also.

I should spend some of this piddling time on Petunia, but it is easier to just get on Stella and ride.  Even if it is to school to substitute.  I have half of my mandatory days done, am covering four days next week, and the following week is Fall Break.  I’m thinking of taking Stella on an overnight ride and, hopefully, getting back to Petunia after that.


  1. Part of the problem of having more than one bike. Which one to take. A nice problem?

  2. Great idea with the mud flaps. Necessity is the mother of invention. Good job.

  3. +1 on what RichardM said...I've got three and now having to track when is the last time I rode the R80, lest a month go by and no riding.

  4. RichardM; It only becomes a problem when they are ALL running.

    Trobairitz; Thank you, but I can't take full credit. I got the idea for the rear one off of a forum that I read.

    Charlie6; If you would teach those Things to ride it would help with that problem.

  5. Good point AZ HD, the only requirement is two years of safe cager driving first to prove to me they understand traffic patterns and the fact most drivers are inattentive idiots. Then, I'll pay for their taking the BRC....