Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Name Change

Stella and I have been adding miles on a consistent basis.  I am still in the process of changing things on her that are necessary and am getting ready to add a few things just because I want to.

Realized this morning I hadn't been here in a while.  While I was catching up I remembered that Dom over at Redleg's Rides had asked a while back if I was going to change the Blog name now that I had a goose.  I had been thinking about that and think I am going to exchange the word Harley for Adventure... thus the Blog becoming Arizona Adventure Dude.  Checking with the FAQ section at Blogger I don't think it is hard to do, as you can see if you look at the title.  My next question is how to change the URL and that gets a little more complicated, so I still have some checking to do on that.  I also don't want to change it without giving some notice for the readers that want to keep following along.

Being brand specific in the title, these nine years later, shows my short sightedness.  Who knew I would still be sharing after that amount of time?  Now with Petunia having the sidecar attached she is an adventure and Stella is considered an ADV bike, so Arizona Adventure Dude seems to me to be a good fit.

Unfortunately, for Petunia, I haven't put her together yet.  When I get ready to work on her and walk into the garage and see Stella I gear up and ride.  I also have only done half of my required substitute days for the District.  That is a problem that I plan to correct in November so I can get that out of the way. is an adventure!


  1. Arizona Adventure Dude sounds great.

    I can't help you with url changes. Hubby tried to do this on his blog and it didn't work so he just changed the title is all.

  2. Trobairitz; Thanks, I think I know how to change it, but Blogger changed to a https setting and it has a note that changes can delete things. Not looking t delete anything so stopped at the name change for now.

  3. URL will be a tough one. I would not worry about it.

  4. Choose your preferred URL and forward it to you current URL. I did that through GoDaddy and its a piece of cake. If you type it reroutes direclty to Otherwise you change your blogspot site you can redirect your current URL to that. Your choice. I did it the first way to avoid confusion.

  5. Thomas; You may be on to something.

    Conchscooter; Confusion you say? I stay confused to keep from getting there. I used to think I was computer literate, but I'm learning that some of the easiest things are the first to slip away.