Friday, November 11, 2016

Just Like That....

....and I'm average.  I had just been talking to a friend about the claim that the average, 55 year old, American had to take 5 prescriptions.  I was feeling pretty smug being on none of the stuff.  Well, the Universe has a way of slapping a guy silly when they get cocky.

Monday found me in the room with 26 seven year olds when the pain started.  First in my left arm and then in my chest.  First thought was, "Oh sh#@, not here!"  Lesson plans aborted and the kids spent the afternoon coloring their art projects.  The pain lessened and I kept watching the clock move to dismissal time.  Sent the cherubs on their merry way and headed to the ex-wife's room to see if she had any aspirin.  All she had was a grade level meeting going on.  So, I grabbed most of my things and headed home.  By way of the UPS store to drop off a return for a part that wouldn't fit Stella. Must not of hurt to bad.

Getting home I took some aspirin and laid down to sleep it off.  That wasn't working, so I got dressed to take myself to the hospital. Walked into the garage to leave and convinced myself that I only needed a little more time and went back to bed.  At 10:30, almost 11 hours after the pain first started I gave in and went to the Emergency Room.

They made quick work of getting me in the back, behind a curtain, poked, prodded, and did a test. In about 45 minutes they came with the results...Heart Attack!  Words you hope to never hear.  Now I had to let my daughters know, so I sent a group text that I didn't expect them to see until they woke up Tuesday morning. Unfortunately my little  kid was up, finishing a test on Hospital Ethics of all things, and responded she was on her way.  Upon her arrival I got no credit for going to the ER, just a lecture on driving myself there.  This scene would be repeated at 7 AM when my eldest arrived.

Into the Cath Lab I go, insert the camera into my groin, up into my heart, and find 100% blockage in one artery, place a stent into OM1, and make me lay flat on my back for two hours without moving my legs or head.  That was the hardest part of the whole deal.  The whole process, from arrival at ER to discharge, was 37 hours.

Follow up 24 hours later and the results showed NO damage to the heart, which the doctor said doesn't happen often, and directions to take my medication as prescribed and move easy for the next six weeks or so.

So, I got really lucky and dodged a huge bullet and became average at the same time. Average in the fact that I am now taking those 5 prescriptions that those 55 and older take.