Saturday, December 31, 2016

The year That Was....

....wasn't the greatest, but tomorrow offers the promise of new, brighter days ahead.

So, Good Riddance to 2016, you Bastard, and Welcome 2017 with your bright possibilities and the shine of many promises!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

It Must Be Time

After sixteen years, maybe closer to 20, of wearing the same HJC helmet I decided I should replace it.  Manufacturers suggest the life of a helmet is five years and I clearly haven’t listened to that. It is in nearly perfect condition with the exceptions of the few, superficial scars from the few miles it rode in the trunk. The inside looks good, it doesn’t stink, and I would think it would be better than the Harley cap I rode many miles with.

However, when I purchased Stella I told myself I wouldn’t ride her without ATGATT. In the four months I have had her I have honored that vow. So, I began the search for a new helmet that I might like. I was interested in a modular helmet that would flip up, that had air vents that allowed the flow of air to be felt, was comfortable and quiet, would work with glasses, and allowed for good vision. I also broadened my price point as the $100 range just didn't feel comfortable to me. 

I found a Scorpion EXO-AT950 that looked promising and with great reviews. When finally finding one to try on in the size I am currently wearing it was tight. Really tight and uncomfortable. The guy at the shop told me to just buy the next bigger size and he could have it in a week. I left and went home. The next day I looked on the internet, Black Friday Weekend, and found that same helmet for 20% off, with no sales tax, another 10% savings, free shipping, and free exchange if it didn’t fit. I ordered it in the next size up and it arrived in 6 days.

After 200 miles this helmet feels like an old friend. It is warm, with the vents closed, and there isn't a fog issue at 38 degrees. The locking mechanism offers a positive closing and the visor has 3 open locking positions. There is a drop down sun visor also. It fits snug, but not tight and it really doesn't feel any different than my old helmet. I do have a bit of buffeting that I didn't have with the HJC, so will need to play with the windshield to see if I can get it calmed down. Other than that I am really pleased with this purchase.

Yes, I am back to riding after only four weeks. Started out with short distances and have slowly increased to a 110 mile run yesterday. Looking to get in a longer distance run in the next week or two, if I can convince myself that 35-39 degrees isn't to cold to be leaving the house. I should focus on the fact it will warm up to 65 for the afternoon trip home. Besides that the heated grips I installed work great at 38 degrees as I have only used my summer gloves so far.