Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Time To Quit Farkling

It is just about time to leave Stella alone and get to riding. She is as farkled as she needs to be at this point. The only thing I really need on her now is miles. The finishing touches were in the wind protection and helmet buffeting area.

The new Scorpion helmet is great, but there was some buffeting that the old HJC didn't have. I made some adjustments and finally added a Laminar Lip. That was the least expensive option I could find.  It worked pretty well until I opened the vent on top of the Scorpion. It was impossible to ride very far with the vent open because the air blast was directly into the vent.  The noise was terrible.

A new, taller windshield was over $200 and being a cheapskate that didn't work for me. So, with coffee in hand I stood looking at her and thought I identified an option. A quick trip to Home Depot and $8 got me an aluminum flat stock and a couple of bolts. I cut the flat stock to hold the windshield braces and move them up 1.75".  

I was feeling pretty good about my project until I tried to install the dash panel. Because of the rise, the fat section by the upper bolt interfered with the preformed panel.  A quick stop and think and I decided to trim the offending areas of the panel.  This was a huge chance as the dash would be very expensive to have to replace if I screwed it up.  I marked where I thought I needed to trim and cut it before I chickened out.  Tried to install the dash and hadn't cut it enough. So, with a honing stone in my drill I went to work making adjustments a little at a time.  I finally got it to fit and it worked out pretty well.

A ride would be required to test everything out.  That was accomplished on Monday when I headed out for a quick 90 mile New Year ride to nowhere. Headed out toward Wickenburg with overcast skies and a temperature of 50 degrees. The farther I went the lower the temperature went. The skies were growing grayer and trending toward black and the wind began to gust. The buffeting  seemed to be gone and when I opened the vent all was good. I stopped and lowered the windshield half way and tried that, but it was a no go as I couldn't ride with the vent open and put it back up again. I aborted my intended plan to make Wickenburg and instead turned toward Lake Pleasant and home.

So, I got in the first ride of the year, seemed to fix the buffeting issue, and missed out on the rain. That made it a good day for me. I return to school today to substitute in a 4th grade classroom. I still have seven of my mandatory days to do and think I will only do a day a week. No need to get in a rush as I have until mid March to finish up.