Saturday, February 18, 2017

A Fine Mess

Here in Arizona, known for abundant sunshine, we have had an usually cloudy, wet beginning to the year. January had only a couple of sunny days and February hasn't been much better. But, I have snuck in a few rides to nowhere just to ride. I take the camera and then don't use it. Just thrilled to be out on the bike and don't think about it until I am back in the garage.

I had been noticing a small drip of oil under Stella, after these rides, and looking at where it was dripping from the source couldn't be located.  Then Thursday morning entering the garage there was a puddle bigger than a Homer bucket. Went to the Guzzi forum for some help and it was suggested the leak was either the CARC (transmission in Guzzi speak, rear end in the real world) pinion seal or the gearbox output shaft seal (transmission in the real world). 

Solution was to pull the CARC and have a look see. So, I did and this is what I see  

I clean up the mess and sit the CARC to the side and half an hour later it looks like this just from sitting and with no pressure at all in the unit because I have the vent on top removed.

Now, on one hand this is great news as this is the pinion seal leaking which is the easiest to replace and I was planning to remove it anyway to grease the swing arm bearings that seem to come from the factory dry. The bad news is it requires two special tools and not using either of them very well could ruin the CARC beyond repair. The CARC replacement is close to 40% the value of the bike! There in lies another problem. There are only two Guzzi Dealers in the State of Arizona. Neither of which have a very good reputation when it comes to service.

On the recommendation of the forum I contacted the Houston, Texas Dealer and they want the whole bike, not just the broken part. But, on the bright side they confirmed it would be covered by warranty. I began to think that would mean anything that would go wrong in the future would require a trip to Houston and who knows how long to wait for parts to get there from Italy to get the repair done. 

It gets even better when a dealer from the Land of Oz chimed in with DON"T RIDE IT ANYWHERE! He included a list of what could go wrong in just a very few miles and it isn't pretty.

The closest dealer here is 60+ miles, one way, from me, will require getting a trailer, and hoping the reviews I have read are wrong. I'm not sure this is the adventure I was looking forward to when I went Italian.


  1. My own dealer is 80 miles away but he's good. I hope your dealer turns out OK and can handle the warranty work in a timely manner!

  2. Might have been poor planning on my part, but I love this bike! I am hopeful on the dealer performing the work quickly and correctly.

  3. Yikes. That doesn't look good, but hooray for warranty.

    With all your rain you should be just about ready for a trip to Oregon. Damn stuff won't stop here either.

  4. Trobairitz: No, it doesn't look good, but hopefully it will be taken care of quickly. At least we didn't have as much rain as California.

  5. It’s already apart, screw the warranty, fab the tools and go riding.

  6. Willy D; It is together and at the letting them do it as long as it is on warranty. I'm getting lazy in my old age. When it comes back it will be riding time!

  7. This technical stuff is so beyond my comprehension that I'm of no value on this topic. Also, my Yamaha hardly ever has any issues, so I can hardly remember a time I couldn't rider her. Geez, I think the worst thing was that lightbulb you helped me with!!
    BUT I certainly hope you can get Stella back on the road quickly!
    Sash The Rude Biker Chick