Monday, March 20, 2017

Updates..Stella, Petunia, Life

Today starts the fifth week of Stella being at the Dealer to have her rear drive assembly fixed. Updates have been sporadic, calls not returned when promised, and questionable excuses have been offered. But, when you are the only Dealer within 350 miles you hold all the cards. The two best excuses are #2 the mechanic quit and took the special tool with him. 

The #1 best excuse is the non reusable keeper is on back order and should be here in thee weeks. I told him to just put it together with the used keeper and call it good. That is when he used excuse #2. He called me Thursday morning and said the tool would be in Friday and he would call me back as soon as it came in. I’m still waiting.

Well, at least Petunia is back up and running. But, is being naughty and blew a fuse yesterday that I have to check out this morning.

At the end of this week I begin my next project. Because I just don’t know when to quit I purchased a fixer upper condo in the retirement area known as Sun City West. I close on the little gem Friday, the cabinets and granite are ordered, and I plan to start the demolition on Saturday.

I hope I'm not getting to old for all this fun!


  1. Doesn't sound like much of a dealer, that's too bad. But you got it right that he holds all the cards.

  2. Stories like that make me very happy to have the dealer I do. I know HD owners love to hate their dealers, but not me, mine's great.

    I hope you'll post some pics of the house work. Always interested in what people do with a renovation.

  3. Charlie6; Hopefully Stella will be reliable once she returns. Baring that hopefully it doesn't require some speciality tools that I can't make an adaptation for.

    Canajun; I understand about bad dealers, but know some bend over backwards. In the case of Guzzi the ones they have are folding in droves. This one is the last one in Arizona.

    Pictures will follow when there is enough to show some progress.

  4. Wow, sounds like you didn't have enough on your to-do list. Have fun with the project condo.

    It is unfortunate that your dealer is being sketchy. It is hard when there are no other dealers near you that can help. Hope it all works out before too long.

  5. Trobairitz; The Dealer called last night and Stella is done! Hooray!!
    Unfortunately, I don't have time to go get her until Saturday. Another issue with them being so far away. Booooo!!

    The condo is going to be fun, but interrupt a big portion of riding time over the next couple of months.