Tuesday, March 28, 2017

What Is That Screeching Sound?

Four days into the remodel and things were moving smoothly and quickly. Even removing the popcorn ceiling went better than expected.

Then the brakes were applied. The washer valves wouldn't shut off, so I got a couple of hose caps and fixed that temporarily until I could cut into the wall to replace them

Unfortunately when opening up the wall I found what appeared to be a leak on the cold water line. The top right shows what really old copper should look like when not exposed to leaking water.

Yep, its a weeper

I will have to open the wall up some more to be able to replace the leaking T and to put in a new washer box. May as well use the latest gismos since I cut into the wall.

The drywall guy came by today and gave me a livable price, but can't do the work for two weeks. Texturing the ceiling and patching all the holes in the walls is something best left to the professional so I will have to wait. Waiting means removing the 500 feet of existing tile, patching the cracks in the floor, installing four new doors, converting a pocket door to a real door, relocating three electrical boxes, running the electric for a ceiling fan in the attic instead of stapled to the wall and ceiling of the bedroom, removing the water heater for the tile installation and changing to a ball valve shutoff, painting the closets and pantry, and taking out all the pavers in the little back yard to make Dexter a potty place. That will also mean at least two more trips to the dump.

Minor surprises aren't a bad thing as long as they stay minor and I can fix them myself. That makes them affordable and just adds to the fun. 


  1. Gotta love the surprises that come with renos. Fortunately none (so far at least) have been too dramatic. I am curious how you removed that popcorn ceiling (I think that's the same as what we call a stippled ceiling up here.)

  2. Canajun; To remove the popcorn I used a 1 1/2 gallon garden sprayer with just a touch of dish soap in the water, spray it on and let it sit for a few minutes, and use a 12" drywall knife to scrape it off. Worst part is the looking up to see what you're doing. So far, and I am at the end of the demo, the surprises have been quick fixes. Fingers crossed it continues for the next three or four days.

  3. Seems pretty simple. I have a room I want to redo so will give that a try. Thanks.

  4. Fingers crossed those surprises stay minor.

    And isn't scraping popcorn ceilings fun? Not.
    I remember doing ours. Ick blah.

  5. Trobairitz; All demo work is now done and I have started with the new work. The surprises now are in the delivery of needed parts. Nothing I can do about deliveries except go for a ride...such is life. Not to bad for only having the keys for 1 week. The popcorn was pretty easy for me and only took two and a half hours. I can't complain about that.