Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A Sort of Ride

Monday started with me painting doors. After four coats on each door I decided to go for a ride. Headed home for a quick lunch and shower and I was off.

In short order the catch in my lower back started to become an issue. The combination of the riding position and lack of riding and it was getting uncomfortable. At the 50 mile mark I was near the Sunset Point rest area, so I pulled in.

The high desert was awash in the yellow blooms that attest to the amount of rain we have had. The only bad part will be the wildfire season.

Looking off the other side of the rest stop shows the green already turning brown.

Because I am a smart person I left the camera at home, so the iPhone pictures are all I got. Anyway, after stopping I almost couldn't get off of Stella. After a pit stop and some stretching it wasn't loosing up, so I aborted the ride and headed back toward the house.  

My ride only lasted 100 miles. 100 uncomfortable miles and ended with a nap. The nap was interrupted with the call that my cabinets are in and I will pick them up Wednesday or Thursday after I get the freshly painted doors out of the garage. I then went to Home Depot and got a different brand of paint. I will be back to full time get it done mode in the next day or two.

Tuesday was spent painting doors and door jambs for nine hours and ending with copious amounts of Deep Blue Rub. I hate back issues, but will try to get a ride in on Saturday if the drywall guy doesn't work. I will be on hold while he is doing his magic on the condo.


  1. And that stooped over paining must have gotten to you.

    Hope your back survives the renovation. At least you got out for a bit, that is good. Clears out all the paint fumes.

  2. Trobairitz; I tweaked it one day last week and as long as I'm moving it doesn't seem to bother me. Sitting is another thing. There is going to be a lot of moving in my future with the cabinets and tile work coming up.

  3. Tweaking one's back....been fun. Hope you can get rid of that particular back pain soon.

  4. Any activity that interferes with riding is problematic. But 100 miles is a hundred miles.

  5. Charlie6; After a full day of work I never felt the back until after a shower and sitting down for 20 minutes. Getting up was a sight and it took about 10 steps until I was fully upright, but that is progress.

    Conchscooter; True that, but I was looking for 350 miles. I need to quit complaining and just be thankful for the 100 I did get.