Friday, April 28, 2017

Hitting The Wall

I got to the condo yesterday morning with no motivation and just a feeling of agitation. I forced myself to start cutting tile for the entryway and things just weren't progressing. It took 34 days of long hours to finally hit the wall of I don't want to do this. So, I packed it in and went back home for a nap. After an hour I knew I had to do something for the progress to continue.

I headed out and picked up my backsplash, a new ball valve for the water heater, and a hose bib for the back patio. I'm not really much of a shopper and this was just things that needed to get done and made me feel at least a little productive. Arriving back at the condo I began to update the electrical outlets and switches. 

Earlier in the week the cabinet guys came and installed cabinets. Two experienced guys, with all the speciality tools, and tricks of the trade worked for a full, hard ten hours installing the twelve boxes. I think I am thankful that I chose to have someone do that part of the project for me. The end results were pretty good.

Artists rendering

 Actual placement stove side

Rendering sink side

 Actual install

So, today is the end of week five. I am going to be really busy today because the appliances are scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. I have to grout the breakfast nook and laundry room, get the old refrigerator out of the kitchen, put together the laundry room cabinets and maybe hang them, install the Farmer's sink in the cabinet, and get back to installing the tile into the bathroom to be able to set the vanity for the granite guys on Monday. 

Using the 6" wide wood look tile has doubled the number of cuts required to put this floor  down, but it will look great once the all the work is done. I am being really anal about keeping the all the grout joints at 1/8" and that is also adding to the amount of work involved. 

Just a couple of examples. The baseboard will cover the broken end in the lower right hand corner of the upper picture.

The good part is I am only about four feet from returning to everything being square and all cuts will be simple, straight cuts and won't have to worry about all the angles with compound cuts.

The best part is it is looking like I will have enough of the work done to be able to move in by the end of May. I will do the finishing touches while dealing with the chaos and mess. 


  1. You are doing a great job. The cabinets and tile are lovely. A good color combination.

    You are going to need a vacation when this is all over.

  2. Trobairitz: Thank you! I put in 11 hours today to make up for yesterday and got a lot accomplished. Finally being able to check off finished areas is a huge boost to the energy level.

  3. Those tiles look great! Even grout lines make it look so much better.

  4. RichardM; Thanks, it is a lot of work, but will be well worth the effort in the end.