Monday, May 8, 2017

Milestone Day

Today is the beginning of week 7 in the condo remodel and is the biggest milestone to date... the counter tops will be installed. 

Sitting on ready

Getting here has been fun and the complications minor, but I am feeling the need to take a break for a road trip. I had planned to make every Sunday a no work, go ride day, but I have worked every Sunday for the entire six weeks. I'm trying to convince myself that taking tomorrow off to go ride will make the push to the end more enjoyable. 


  1. It's hard to step away from a big project that's unfinished, for any reason. But it looks like the end is near and every step now will have a very positive affect on progress. And it's looking good!

  2. The renovation looks great. It seems like a break would be necessary just to maintain sanity.

  3. Looking good! I like your choice of colors and I think you deserve a break to play.

  4. Canajun; Thanks, they were early to install the tops and I couldn't install the backsplash until Tuesday, so I I went for a ride a day early. Made working today a lot better.

    RichardM; Thank you, I'm not sure how much sanity I still have, but after 200 miles yesterday I know I feel better.

    Trobairitz; It is beginning to resemble a home again, which is good. I am pretty happy with the color choices and it is coming together a bit better than I really expected.