Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Is This What Happens....

....as you age?  Mortality rears its ugly head and plants a seed that is difficult to dismiss from your thoughts. After my minor heart attack last November it took a few weeks to quit thinking about it and get on with living. Getting older has its perks and I, for one, never want to go back to any prior age. I enjoy my 10% off at Denny's!

My pop used to comb the obituaries in several newspapers, in several states, looking to see who he knew that died. When he found someone he would tell me about them and then relive a story or two of their youthful foolishness. I thought it an odd past time, but then he was over 80 and refused to get out of the house much.

Well, when only in your early 60's and people around you start dying it is sobering. The day after last Christmas my eldest sister died at the tender age of 64. True she had been ill for a while, but still only being 64 is tough to take. Now my ex's brother who is the eldest, who just happens to be 64, is in the hospital and not expected to see the weekend. Weird coincidence for sure, but makes me think because I'll be 64 in less than a month!

The ex told me, "Getting old sucks!" 

I have to disagree with that, getting old rocks!! Dying before you're old is what sucks! I think I'll just skip being 64 and get right to being 65. Maybe nobody important will notice. 

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Slow Going Is Still Progress

I have now lived in the condo for two weeks. The progress has slowed as I am now in the tedious, multistep, small finishing touches. Also I am not working the long hours I was in the first two months which is a good thing.

One thing I have noticed since moving in is that I completely overlooked many of the incidental items needed. Items like a bathroom mirror, towel bars, paper holder, and window coverings. Then there was/is the electrical gremlin that I refuse to give in to. I have been tempted to call in an electrician, but have struggled through to the point I now have all but three outlets working. At one point half of the condo's outlets and switches didn't work. So, progress has been made slowly.

Reminder of the before

 The new


As hard as I tried I just couldn't make the Farmer's sink work. 

 The bath