Saturday, June 10, 2017

Slow Going Is Still Progress

I have now lived in the condo for two weeks. The progress has slowed as I am now in the tedious, multistep, small finishing touches. Also I am not working the long hours I was in the first two months which is a good thing.

One thing I have noticed since moving in is that I completely overlooked many of the incidental items needed. Items like a bathroom mirror, towel bars, paper holder, and window coverings. Then there was/is the electrical gremlin that I refuse to give in to. I have been tempted to call in an electrician, but have struggled through to the point I now have all but three outlets working. At one point half of the condo's outlets and switches didn't work. So, progress has been made slowly.

Reminder of the before

 The new


As hard as I tried I just couldn't make the Farmer's sink work. 

 The bath


  1. Great job! It looks fantastic!

  2. Very nice! I love all of your color choices. I am glad you are taking it a little easier now too. Hopefully you get the electrical gremlins sorted.

  3. Trobairitz; Thank you! It is easy to get a bit lazy when living at the same place you are working on. That and feeling freer to do other things that pop up, like ice cream with the grandwonderfuls.